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Jews in Israel

Prophetic Renewal for God's Chosen People

This prophetic move has tremendous end-times implications, and James W. Goll has seen the effects first hand. Here's how you can be a part of this amazing move of the Spirit!


9 Scriptural Tests for Spiritual Experiences

1 John 4:1 admonishes us to "test the spirits" to see if a word or experience is from God or from the enemy. Here are nine key scriptural tests to ensure your word is one worth listening to.

Israeli flag

Get in Sync With God's Prophetic Calendar

God's divine protection of Israel since its restoration in 1948 is nothing short of incredible. Discover biblical prophecies about the Jews' dispersion and regathering, and what they mean for the very near future!


Prophetic Prayers for the Middle East Crisis

As conflicts in Iraq, Syria, Iran and Israel heat up, James W. Goll says we're in the final countdown for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit. But where His Spirit takes root may surprise you.

Turning point

4 More Strategic Turning Points

James Goll reveals the 2nd set of 4 strategic turning points he sees for the church and the Earth. What do they mean for you and your family? Find out.

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