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Does the Devil Make Mistakes?

The diabolical efforts of the enemy of our souls to steal, kill and destroy can at times seem overwhelming. But his efforts can at the same time create a phenomenon that works to our advantage.

Throw Off Your Graveclothes!

The enemy can keep you bound if you don't remove the trappings that allowed him to enslave you. It's time to get free!

Healed From Terminal Illness

Watch as Faytene Grasseschi shares her miraculous testimony of how God healed her from a terminal illness. 


Why You Should Speak God's Will

God has given us the right to speak His will and see transformation come to pass. Find out why every word you say is important.


Can You Spot a Spiritual Wolf?

It's sad but true: Some people in today's church are preying on innocent Christians. Here's how you can avoid becoming a victim of a spiritual wolf.

Get Real Power From on High

After Jesus rose from the dead, He commanded His disciples not to leave Jerusalem, but to wait for the promise of the Father—the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This gift is still available today.

God, Why Won’t You Heal?

For years I asked God why He wouldn’t heal my special needs son. The answer came in a way I least expected—and forever changed my view of healing.

Christmas Decor

Make the Miracles of Christmas Real In Your Life

Jesus' birth was marked by angelic visitations, prophecies, dreams and miraculous signs. As you celebrate Christmas, expect God's power to flow in your life throughout the coming year. Here's how. 

The Doctor Who Believes in Healing

Florida cardiologist Chauncey Crandall has seen documented medical miracles in his office—because he points his patients to the One who heals. Read his miraculous story. 

How the Devil Hides in Religion

Often times Christians focus on the enemy's attacks in culture, but what about the war he wages in religion. Find out how Satan thrives in churches. 


6 Answers to the Toughest Questions About Hell

'Will God send those who've never heard of Jesus to hell?' 'Why would a loving God make a place like hell?' Do you know how to respond to questions about hell? We give you answers. 

Is Your Healing Really Contingent on Your Faith?

Some believers say faith is the key to healing. Yet Jesus healed many who apparently had no faith. And some with faith weren't healed. What role does faith have in healing? We've debunked the myths of faith healing.

Glenn Clark

Heal As Jesus Healed

Glenn Clark examines the ways of Jesus in healing equips us to touch the lives of suffering people.

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