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They Cease to Believe

Cessationists believe that God, by His own will, no longer operates supernaturally—which is why many aggressively stand against the Spirit-empowered community. But could their disbelief actually be for our own good? read more

A Change of Heart

A sudden, furious attack on her husband’s health left Crystal Funderburg with nowhere to turn but to God read more

No Chance of Survival

With a doctor declaring her yet-to-be born twins all but dead, Evangelina Garza called upon God like never before read more

An Atheist Encounters God

Dr. Reggie Anderson left his childhood Christian faith after his family was brutally murdered. He embraced atheism and the god of science until he had a dream that changed everything. read more

God Rescues Ministry From Fire

Jeanne Thicke Sanderson heard three loud explosions next door. The children she takes care of screamed that she was on fire. Here's how God protected Jeanne and her children. read more

A Hobo's Gift

A pastor and his church are forever changed by an unexpected gift that came from a hobo. read more

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