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2 enemies

2 Ways to Settle a Fight

The apostles created a new class of believers and brought peace in a church conflict with these two qualities.  read more

woman considering 2 directions

Did I Hear God?

 We often blunder in our attempts to hear God's voice. But the rewards of obeying Him far outweigh the risks. read more

woman typing on laptop

What if Judas Had a Blog?

It's a good thing that Judas didn't have a blog because then the people who hadn't really met Jesus would have only seen Him through his jaded eyes. read more


A Warning for 2015

Every new year, though, also brings renewed temptations and fresh opportunities for failure. Consequently, this post is a caution based on the story of Noah's drunkenness after the receding of the floodwaters (Gen. 9:20-27) read more

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