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Swansea, Wales

Redigging Wells of the Welsh Revival

When he took a team from his Singapore church to pray in Wales, Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong didn’t realize it would lead to the purchase of a historic spiritual landmark and the onset of what he believes will become an international revival. read more

Are You a Sideline Revivalist?

Too many Christians in America would rather sit on the sidelines and argue over what does and doesn’t qualify as a revival than actually expend the energy to pray and prepare their hearts for one. Have you fallen into this trap?  read more

Where Is Global Revival Headed?

God is stirring revival fires around the world like never before. But where is this global revival headed, and what does that mean for most believers? read more

How God Is Exploding Among Latinos

A new wave of Pentecostal expression is rising along with the current Hispanic population surge in America. Could the Latino church be the spiritual hope for our nation? read more

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