WATCH: 10 Steps to Get F.I.T. God's Way

WATCH: 10 Steps to Get F.I.T. God's Way

In this video, fitness model Kim Dolan Leto talks about how she went from her overweight 30s to the cover of top fitness magazines in her 40s.

Lorie Johnson/CBN Medical Reporter

One of the most photographed fitness models in America, Kim Dolan Leto, is speaking out about the one thing that took her from overweight in her 30s to the cover of the top fitness magazines in her 40s: her faith in God.

Leto's book, Ten Steps to F.I.T. (Faith Inspired Transformation), brings a message of hope and empowerment to people struggling with their weight.

F.I.T. teaches readers how to "get healthy, happy and fit God's way," and emphasizes spending time with God, treating one's self with care and kindness while renewing one's mind.

Leto shares illustrations on how combining faith with fitness is the, "key to finding strength and results that last," as well as an eating program jump start plan.

Watch her interview with CBN News Health Reporter Lorie Johnson, and find out more by visiting her website.

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