Equipping Believers to Command the Forces of Darkness

There is a lot of superstition that surrounds demon possession, and because of that, believers carry a lot of unfounded fears in their hearts, evangelist and healing minister David Diga Hernandez says.

"If we look to the Word of God, for our information and for our revelation on this topic, then we will be equipped to become people who can command the forces of darkness and to release those who are bound," Hernadez says.

As Hernandez explore this topic through the Bible in this video, he will address questions believers have in their hearts about this controversial subject. {eoa}

David Diga Hernandez is author of 25 Truths about Demons and Spiritual Warfare (Charisma House, 2016), an evangelist, healing minister and host of Encounter TV. His evangelistic healing ministry is marked by a distinct presence of the Holy Spirit. A rising voice of healing, Hernandez is a unique and emerging spiritual leader, called to take God's saving and healing power to this generation.

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