What God Wants You to Embrace About Your Prayer Calling

One of the greatest things I have to confront as I travel from place to place speaking on the subject of prayer is intimidation and condemnation. Talking to a wonderful lady who has been an encouragement to many in the area of prayer got me thinking.

Do you ever find yourself comparing your prayer life to that of others? Do you find yourself under self-condemnation because your prayer life doesn't measure up to that of the prayer warrior at church? God does not want us living with that type of guilt. We all have a calling of prayer that is different and unique. As long as you are praying consistently, God is pleased with you.

Click here to watch the video as I explain this. {eoa}

Kevin Senapatiratne is head spiritual pyromaniac for Christ Connection. Kevin speaks around the United States helping Christians find the fun of prayer. He is the author of Enjoying Prayer. You can learn more about his ministry at enjoyingprayer.com.

For more prayer resources, visit christconnection.cc.

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