November 2015: Prophets Arising

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Prophets Arising

Amid a rising sea of prophetic voices, many are predicting a great move of the Spirit.  

Featured Articles

  • Discerning God's Voice
    Discover how to detect the difference between fleshly thoughts, satanic distractions and godly wisdom.
  • Heaven's Prophetic Assignments
    Learn about the making of a prophet, God's unique assignments and the unusual ways that He deals with prophets. 
  • Filming the Spirit
    Filmmaker Darren Wilson reveals in Holy Ghost: Reborn how the Spirit often moves in unexpected ways—transforming lives through supernatural means.
  • Embracing the Wonders of Trials 
    Learn how to maintain joy and maximize spiritual growth during a wilderness season. 
  • God's Road Map
    Follow God's road map to uncover deep mysteries hidden in celestial events and seasons.
  • Good or God?
    If good is obvious, why does the Bible say we need discernment to see it? Discover why good without God isn't good enough.
  • Singles in the Church
    Why the church needs to reapproach how it ministers to singles.
  • The World Race
    During an 11-month trek to 11 countries, thousands of young people are discovering what it means to help the "least of these." 


  • Urban pastor reaches next generation
  • Louie Giglio finds spiritual truths in comeback stories
  • A simple message for teenagers:
  • Mercy Ministries frees women from bondage


  • This month's resources: #Struggles, The Purpose-Driven Life Devotional for Kids, Faith of Our Fathers, Awake Our Souls, plus more
  • Review: Building 429's Unashamed
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