Respected Assemblies of God Leader's Essential Secret to Success

Leaders must be continual learners. That is the message from Dr. Charles Kelly, who visited my office recently. I interviewed him for a podcast for the Strang Report. What he shared was so good I wanted to highlight the podcast and share his concepts here.

I've known Dr. Kelly for many years. He's widely respected in the Assemblies of God. He served in administrative roles in the North Carolina District of the Assemblies of God, and during his tenure, the district grew from 90 churches to 310. He also served as the chairman of the board for Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida, which is where I first met him.  

Dr. Kelly is working on a book, and he visited Charisma Media headquarters to talk to Creation House Publisher Dr. Steve Greene about working with our company. When I found out about his book and the concepts, I was excited.  

He has the idea that leaders need "white space," which is another way of saying boundaries, and the fact that in that white space is the leader's own time for himself. Those closest to that leader should not let others interfere.    

I also asked him about which books have influenced him. One of them is by J. Oswald Sanders, and you'll be interested to read some of the concepts that he shares.  

I encourage you to tune in and listen to the podcast, and to subscribe if you haven't already. Please share it and Dr. Kelly's concepts on social media and with friends.

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