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Pursuit Is Proof

As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God. —Psalm 42:1

I told a friend of mine one time that I would love to play the piano like he did. He replied, "No you wouldn't. If you really wanted to play the piano you would be taking lessons and practicing every chance you could. Are you doing those things?"

Well, no, I wasn't. If I really wanted to play the piano I would have been taking some action and making some plans instead of just talking about it. When you really want something, you pursue it with your whole heart.

You say that you want the things of God, you want to operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and you want to have an anointing on your life—but are you pursuing Him? Are you climbing the mountain of God and, like Jacob, refusing to let go until He blesses you? When was the last time you spent time in prayer and in the Word?

Pursue Him with all your might. The proof of your desire is in your pursuit. The pursuit of God will lead to holiness, purity, passion, zeal, and power in your life.

God, I pursue You this day with all my
being. I give You my heart, mind, soul,
and strength in love. Amen.

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