By Love Transformed, by R.T. Kendall

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Miracles Do Happen

When I was 14, I injured my head in a diving accident. Three days later, my parents discovered me in the middle of a grand mal seizure.

After I had nearly continual seizures for more than three months, my parents were given no hope that I would recover. But I became conscious and seizure-free without drugs after many days of prayer.

Within several months, I went back to classes and scored higher on intelligence tests than I had before the accident. I'd lost a year of high school, but ultimately I finished and went on to earn a degree in elementary education and psychology.

My parents were told that my seizures could recur because of stress. College, marriage to my husband, Roger, and a teaching position had caused no problems. But moving to a new town was outside my comfort zone, and the seizures returned.

There were no teaching jobs, so I decided to work as a lifeguard. The day I was to begin my job, my unfamiliarity with the town brought on stress and a seizure; I drove my car into the river. Thankfully, I was pulled from the car by a man who just happened to be at the water's edge.

Nothing could stop the seizures. I had two major breakdowns. Then a friend took me to her church, where I found Jesus.

God's plan for me has included a healthy boy and girl. The doctors had said no children, but they were wrong.

For more than 16 years, they also said that medications wouldn't work; and they were right. It was a long struggle, and we learned what faith was all about. I knew I would be healed, but I had to let go of the problem.

In God's time, a door opened for a new treatment. After being on it for a year, I got a license to drive.

My doctor said that I could gradually try getting off one of my medications because of its side effects. But I moved too quickly, and driving home one day, I hit a tree and totaled my car. I walked away without a scratch or bruise anywhere.

Eventually, the medication began working correctly. Through it all, my faith grew stronger, and I fell more in love with Jesus. I can't wait to see what He has planned next for me.

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