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Sheila Walsh Encourages Believers to Take 5 Minutes With Jesus

Christianity could revolutionize the cultural landscape if each of us were to take five minutes with Jesus each day, author and speaker Sheila Walsh says.

Believers often get so caught up in the headlines—from the Islamic State to the U.S. Supreme Court to the end times—that they forget the power of prayer. And when they do pray, Walsh says, Christians have a "give, give, give" attitude above the "Let my life be a gift for you."

To counteract this, the former host of The 700 Club and speaker in the Women of Faith lineup is encouraging believers to take five minutes to spend with Jesus. That's it—five minutes.

Walsh's ultimate goal is to motivate women, in particular, about the power of prayer. How often do we Christians pray as a last-ditch effort rather than as the primary weapon? More often than we should. "There is no force in the world greater than when women pray," Walsh says. "When God's girls get a picture of powerful prayer, they join together and things shift."

Culture could be revolutionized for the kingdom if each of us stopped blabbing about the negatives and focused, instead, on God's forgiveness.

"The real gift of forgiveness sets you free," Walsh says. "It's God's gift to us to live in a world that's not fair. Forgiveness is huge because the enemy has nothing in his arsenal to fight forgiveness. You choose to forgive to silence the enemy."

But frequently, women forego time with their Creator because they put their eyes on their families, work, errands and "me-time." The enemy uses those time challenges to create strongholds on earth. By neglecting her prayer life, a woman puts herself in a position to fall victim to lies.

"We're all incredibly busy, and there are so many demands on our time," Walsh says. "We live in a world that's really shifting as we see a rise of evil in unprecedented ways. Many feel it's not long before Christ returns again, and my passion is to help women be strong until then, to stand in the midst of what's true."

The key to opening the heavens and seeing the power of the Holy Spirit is for Christians to live their lives according to Romans 12 and present themselves as a "living sacrifice."

Then, and only then, will we see our world change for God. {eoa}

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