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Let There Be No Strife

Genesis 13:5-15:21 The herdsmen of Abraham's cattle and the herdsmen of Lot's cattle were in strife. Each of them probably thought the other had more grazing land than he did. Abraham's response to this strife was, "Is not the whole land before you?" There was plenty of land for both.

Strife is caused by two basic roots of all sin—pride and jealousy. Proverbs 13:10 tells us that by pride comes contention. James, which is the book of wisdom in the New Testament, says, "For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work" (James 3:16, KJV).

Yesterday we talked about letting our light shine before men by demonstrating God's love through good works. Today we hear, "Let there be no strife." Strife is always an evil work because it opens the door to demonic activity. The Lord gave me a vivid picture of what happens when we get into strife with one another. I saw a husband and wife in a boxing ring together. Instead of pounding one another with gloved hands, they were striking one another with their tongues. The audience was cheering each time they wounded one another.

Centering my attention from the ring to the audience, I was shocked to see that the audience was every kind of grotesque demon imaginable. One yelled, "Hit her again. Tell her about the time she hurt you." Then I heard another yell to the wife, "Tell him he is a wimp and can't do anything right." I'll never forget this vivid vision.

When we get into strife, all of Satan's demons rejoice because they get to take a vacation. We do their wounding work for them with our own tongues. We glorify our Father when we let our light shine before men that they may see our good works. We glorify the devil when we allow ourselves to get into strife because we are doing his evil work for him. Proverbs 20:3 says, "It is an honour for a man to cease from strife" (KJV). Proverbs also makes it clear that it is an angry person who stirs up strife. A person becomes angry when he is jealous or prideful. Daily we need to hear the Holy Spirit remind us to cease from strife. If we obey this admonition, we will have a blessed day. Let there be no strife in your life today.

Heavenly Father, help me to seek peace today. If I find myself beginning to have words with anyone at work, in the community or at home, help me to listen to the umpire of my spirit and soul, the Holy Spirit, as He reminds me to cease from strife. Then give me the strength to shut my mouth. Above all, I confess any pride or jealousy in my heart that makes me vulnerable to strife. Cleanse me of these two things that cause me to get into strife. Help me to esteem others higher than myself; this will bring down both of these strongholds in my life. Amen.

READ: Genesis 13:5-15:21; Matthew 5:27-48; Psalm 6:1-10; Proverbs 1:29-33

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