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They Call It Puppy Love

Pets of every kind warm our hearts, not just puppies. Now studies show that they can make us healthier.

For many years I cared for patients at nursing homes. I loved the afternoons I would spend with them. I made sure to touch them and to give them a hug.

More often than not, when I made rounds at the nursing home, I'd bring one of my children with me. The patients loved seeing the kids and talking to them. read more

Eating Disorders Linked to Abuse

Although we have known for some time that the underlying issue for eating disorders is a need for control, research now links this need for control to unresolved pain from significantly hurtful experiences in a person's life. According to Dr. Gregory Jantz in his book Hope, Help and Healing for Eating Disorders (Shaw Books, 2002), "Studies have indicated that 80 percent or more of people with eating disorders have been victims of some sort of abuse--whether verbal, emotional, physical or sexual. By controlling what you eat, you are really trying to control that terrible pain." read more

Approaching the Change

Janet Maccaro, Ph.D., CNC, recommends the following steps for coping with symptoms of peri-menopause or menopause:

1. Manage your stress. Forgive past hurts and apologize to those you may have wronged in the past. Make sure to get enough sleep. Exercise daily. Eliminate sugar as much as possible. Fellowship daily. read more

Sweet Dreams?

If falling asleep is a nightmare for you, here are some tips to make the thought of going to bed less frightening.

Almighty God, who created the universe with unparalleled wisdom, also created your body to need rest. In His wisdom God made rest a foundational principle for life on Earth.

The Bible says, "On the seventh day, having finished His task, God rested from all His work. And God blessed the seventh day and declared it holy, because it was the day when He rested from His work of creation" (Gen. 2:2-3, NLT). read more

Prepare to be Delivered

Prepare to be Delivered

God’s love is able to deliver you from the pit of despair. But will you receive this transforming love and be rescued?

He is one of my favorite patients. His appointments are usually made on Saturdays, and when I come into the exam room, he reminds me that I’m a pastor’s wife with four kids so I’ll understand when he adds, “I won’t take up too much of your time.” He brings a newspaper to read while he waits then gives it to my staff when his visit is over. 

He is HIV-positive.

It was long before I became his doctor that he contracted the virus. He was married to a woman who, in time past, had used drugs intravenously, and she was the source of his exposure. As I got to know him, he revealed bits and pieces of who he was as a person, beyond the facts that go into the medical record.  read more

Tweeting to Learn

When millions of students make their treks from home to college campuses this year, they’ll carry with them their most valuable possessions—their favorite clothes, pictures from home, room décor and even small pieces of furniture. In addition to bringing those priceless items meant for creating the collegiate home away from home, most will bring hundreds—or thousands—of personal connections made through their online interaction on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace. 

The college-age segment makes up the largest and most active user group on sites such as Facebook and MySpace. According to a January report by, more than half of Facebook’s 500 million active users are in the 18-34 age range. Chances are, if you throw a rock at a college or university, you’ll hit a Facebook user (right before security carts you off).  read more

Speed Racer

Speed Racer

NASCAR driver Michael McDowell is still behind the wheel after walking away unscathed from one of the worst wrecks in the sport’s history. His faith tells the story. 


The world of stock car racing can be summed up in one word: speed. Everything happens fast. From the shop to the garage to the pit to the track—time (measured in hundredths of seconds) is literally money for those aspiring to NASCAR greatness. So, for rising-star driver Michael McDowell it’s no surprise that his spiritual transformation has been as rapid as his rise to prominence in the sport he loves. 

In 2003 McDowell was balancing his desire to drive full time and trying to make a living as a newlywed when he lost a close friend—Ron Huber—who was also his employer and mentor. Huber’s passing served as “a reality check,” McDowell says, for what he was doing with his life. He was suddenly reminded by his friend’s death of the impact that Huber, a devoted Christian with strong ties to motorsports ministry, had quietly made in his life. Then, another employer named Tom Barnett brought real life into focus for McDowell.  read more

The Anointed Must Be Appointed

The Anointed Must Be Appointed

After leading an astounding 60 million people to Christ, Reinhard Bonnke is passing the baton of his ministry, Christ for All Nations, to 29-year-old preacher Daniel Kolenda. Here’s what we can learn from this healthy transfer.


After the Old Testament prophet Elijah was dramatically taken up to heaven in a whirlwind and fiery chariot, his gift and power for working miracles immediately transferred to his apprentice Elisha. The Bible records in 2 Kings 2:9-11 that Elisha received a double portion of the prophet’s miraculous anointing. 

International evangelist Reinhard Bonnke says this biblical example of transference of God’s gifts and calling is not just relevant today, it’s also in operation within Christ for All Nations (CfAN)—the evangelistic ministry he founded more than 35 years ago. Bonnke, now 70, is stepping down as head of CfAN and has appointed 29-year-old Daniel Kolenda as his successor, CEO and president of the ministry that has recorded an astounding 60 million documented decisions for Christ during its recent years of evangelistic crusades in Africa and developing nations.  read more

Pearls in the Media Muck

I used to get paid to watch movies. And sit in front of a TV. And listen to music. And play video games. In fact, if I were still at my previous workplace, my job would now include hanging out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the like. Yep, I once earned a paycheck by consuming media all week long. 

Sounds like a sweet gig, doesn’t it? Trust me,  it wasn’t always. Don’t get me wrong: I loved the people I worked with and the organization that hired me to help parents of teenagers navigate the waters of pop culture. And for a season, it wasn’t just fun to review the latest movies, TV shows, CDs or video games; I knew I was part of an invaluable ministry for parents. I was a gatekeeper, helping them know what their teens were into—the good, bad and very ugly—so they didn’t have to wade through the muck while searching for pearls in the entertainment world.  read more

Horizontal Christianity

God is not a fan of skyscrapers. The Bible says that in the days before Abraham, men tried to build a looming tower on the Babylonian plain. You know the rest of the story. God confused their language, frustrated their plans and scattered humanity (see Gen. 11:1-9). Instead of going vertical, they went horizontal. Instead of forming a big crowd, they went in all directions.

And instead of speaking one uniform language, they suddenly discovered cultural diversity. There were more languages being spoken at the Tower of Babel than you would ever hear on a New York City subway. The confusion must have been deafening—and there were no translators! What’s happening? ¿Que paso? Hva skjedde? ??? ?????????? Was ist passiert?  read more

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