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Opening The Window


When God called her to be an intercessor, Beverly Pegues' initial reaction was, "Lord, what is an intercessor?" Little did she know that searching for the answer to this question would lead her, in 1993, to begin overseeing a worldwide network of more than 40 million prayer partners.

Beverly, who coordinates Window International Network, admits: "Not knowing the specific meaning of my calling, I got involved with different prayer groups and began praying with people wherever I could find the opportunity so that I could learn more about being an intercessor. Soon I started praying about everything that I felt wasn't in the will of God." read more

Oops!! Wrong Window

Steve, my husband, said, "Honey, remind me after church to go by the new pharmacy and pick up my prescription before we go to lunch. It won't take long since they have that drive-through addition."

Later when we stopped at the window, a pharmacy associate slid it open and leaned toward us. Little 18-month-old Jamie called out from the back seat, "Fries and shake!"
Kathryn Hillin read more

Oh, Now I Get It!

Sometimes what seems to a parent like a clear explanation of a spiritual truth is not so clear to a child. When my son, Jeff, was around 4 years old, I overheard him and his friends discussing what happens when you die.

They had trouble agreeing on what really happens until Jeff spoke up with great authority and carefully explained that, when you die, they cut off your head and bury your body in the ground. The children were all amazed but seemed satisfied with this new understanding of death.

When Jeff came inside I asked him where he got such an idea. His answer? "That's exactly what you told me, Mother. You said, when you die, only your body dies, and they just bury your body; the rest of you doesn't die." It was obvious to this 4-year-old that the head was the part that continued to live without the body.
----Norma Champion read more

Oh, Don't Mind Us

My daughter, Dana, whose baby was overdue, came over and tried to find a comfortable seat on the couch. As she shifted around, she complained, "This baby is just sitting in here eating and sleeping."

Her 4-year-old son, Nathan, overheard her and asked, "Does she have a TV?"
--Kayla Kirkland One afternoon, while shopping with my four daughters, I spotted a box of cards that I thought my oldest daughter would like for her birthday. As I looked them over, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that one of my girls had walked up and was standing beside me.

Leaning over, I whispered, "Let's get this for Ashleigh's birthday." read more

Now That's Taking Authority!

One day my 7-year-old grandson, Michael, came into the house looking angry and determined. He said: "Mom-ma, those fire ants have attacked us kids and bitten us too many times.

"It was time for us to stand up; we had to defend ourselves and go to battle. This was war! So we caught some and threw them up in the air to come down on the driveway.

"Then we put some of them in gum with their heads sticking out and [placed] them behind Mommy's car so she would run over them. And if that doesn't make them be nicer to us, we're gonna pour a cup of water on them!"
Kayla Kirkland read more

Nothing is Impossible

On July 28, 1997, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. The disease had already gone into my bone marrow.

As a believer, I knew that God could heal today just as He had healed people in Bible times. So along with my church family, I began seeking Him for healing. Many people were praying for me. read more

Not Your Average Girl Group


The large room in Oklahoma City overflows with women. Some are younger than others as many teens are here with their moms.

All have gathered for one purpose--girl talk with the three women of urban-pop trio Out of Eden. The topics of the evening run the gamut--boys, dating, acceptance, self-image, clothes, purpose, life in general. read more

Not Afraid Anymore

I thought I was losing my mind. Following a sexual assault, I was nervous, worried all the time and suffering with agoraphobia.

I was afraid to leave my home. Whenever I went out alone, I'd be stricken with panic attacks. My heart would begin beating erratically, making it difficult for me to breathe.

A panic attack is brutal and debilitating. For relief I began taking prescription drugs, but unfortunately, they were addictive. read more

Nora Lam: Christ's Ambassador to China

Yes, I am a Christian!" 23-year-old Nora Lam declared to the interrogator.

Shaking with rage, the Communist Chinese official exploded: "Take her out and shoot her! That's an order."

Nora was blindfolded and pushed into a courtyard before a firing squad. Given two minutes to leave a message for her husband, the young pregnant mother quietly quoted Psalm 23. Suddenly, the wind howled, and a freak storm crashed downward. read more

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