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The Scarlet Letter

I was in church one day when a friend in her late 20s slipped me a note that said she wanted to speak with me about something that had been weighing on her heart for months. "It's about the A-word," she wrote. I hadn't a clue what she meant by the "A-word," but I gave her a call later that night. Her story was heartbreaking.

"I had an abortion in February, and I feel guilty and ashamed," she said. "I tried telling my mom and the care-group leader at church, but I was afraid." I listened for an hour as she grieved the death of her unborn baby. When it was over, I prayed with my friend and gave her the number to a ministry that offers post-abortion counseling. read more

God's Perfect Plan

One night when I walked in the door to my parents' house, something on the dining room table caught my attention. There, encased in a vintage gold wood frame, was a black and white photo of my mom's parents on their wedding day in 1945.

Fascinated, I picked it up and ran my fingers over the carved frame. I figured my mom had framed it with the intention of putting it up somewhere in the house. read more

When God Comes Knocking

Are you a woman struggling with the call of God on your life? You know He wants you to share His Word, but you’re not sure how to get started or what to expect. We all grapple with similar issues as we branch out into ministry, but we can trust Him to help us.

{youtubejw}S-taQjd9fBA{/youtubejw} read more

Stop Doing Everything on Your Own

This is what Paul and Silas told the Philippian jailer who asked them, "What must I do to be saved?" This is what salvation really means—giving ourselves up to God, taking ourselves out of our own keeping and entrusting ourselves into His keeping.

God wants to take care of us. He can do a much better job of that if we will avoid a problem called independence, which is really self-care.

The desire to take care of ourselves is based on fear. Basically, it stems from the idea that if we do it, we can be sure it will be done right. We are afraid of what might happen if we entrust ourselves totally to God and He doesn't "come through" for us.

The root problem of independence is trusting ourselves more than we trust God. We love to have a back-up plan. We may pray and ask God to get involved in our lives, but if He is the least bit slow in responding (at least, to our way of thinking), we are quick to take control back into our own hands. What we fail to realize is, God has a plan for us too—and His plan is much better than ours (see Jer. 29:11). read more

When Your Marriage Starts Unraveling

Most brides look forward to their wedding day through rose-colored glasses while dreaming of a happy future with Mr. Wonderful. But sooner or later, dreaming gives way to the reality that happiness doesn't automatically happen.

At the time we marry we may not consciously think, Now I will be happy because the one I love not only loves me but is committed to me. Yet the underlying idea usually is there. Of course this only sets us up for disappointment; no human being has the power to guarantee another's happiness.

Each partner brings into the relationship his or her own expectations for marriage. Each one also brings emotional and cultural "baggage" from the past that affects how he or she contributes to the relationship. read more

God's Greatest Weapon

Did you know that love is the best way to defeat Satan's power?

During the many years I have been involved in prayer and intercession, I have seen all kinds of approaches to bringing down the strongholds of the enemy. Just mention the phrase "spiritual warfare" in a group of seasoned intercessors, and you'll be amazed at all the different "techniques" espoused and "weapons" employed.

Although I too utilize various approaches, I have come to believe that the greatest weapon of spiritual warfare is simply love—God's love. This love is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit and sustains us at every juncture of life and in every opposition and trial. If we abide in God's love, it consumes us, restores us, refreshes us, satisfies us and gives us power over the enemy. read more

Pray for Jon & Kate

I'm single and I want to get married someday, but my No. 1 fear is that I'll end up like Jon and Kate Gosselin. The thought of watching my husband flaunt another woman in the national media, giving inquiring minds a front-row seat into my marriage, is enough to keep me away from any altar.

The Gosselins appeared to be a loving couple when they first appeared on reality TV years ago. They willingly invited us into their home and shared their unpredictable lives as parents to twins and sextuplets. But the show eventually revealed their many flaws.

Kate at times seemed berating and controlling, and Jon appeared weak, letting his wife emasculate him before millions of viewers. Season after season, Jon & Kate Plus 8 became less about the children and more about mom and dad. I don't know what went wrong in their marriage, but they are separated and have filed for divorce. read more

Sing of His Mighty Deeds

Praising the Lord has ever been to me one of the most inspiring and exalting of themes. Oh! How I love to praise Him and hear Him praised.

It has been my privilege, on several occasions, to witness the never-to-be-forgotten scene of 1,000 saints standing on their feet with uplifted hands, tears streaming down their faces, praising the Lord with all their might until the great volume of thunderous praises blended into a sound like rushing mighty waters as it rolled majestically heavenward. It went up as one voice, of one people who were one in heart and adoration of the most high God and His glorious Son, Jesus Christ. read more

Agree With God

"'For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope'" (Jer. 29:11, NKJV). God's thoughts are of abundance and not lack. He wants you to live large and to bring you into a good life. Toward this end, He gives you divine inspirational thoughts and the ability to speak them into existence so that you will grow to fulfill His best plan for your life.

He wants you to mature in wisdom, authority and supernatural ability so that you can bear witness to the splendor of His kingdom. Your miracle is already in existence, but it is up to you to learn to see it and to call it out. read more

Change the Way You Think



Does negative thinking keep you from believing God’s Word concerning your life? The Father wants to bless you, but a lack of trust in Him, coupled together with fear, will keep you from His best. Relinquish your thoughts to the Holy Spirit, and He will transform your life forever.

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