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Heal Us With Your Power

There are times God works through medical means. But sometimes He works alone.

Have you recently received a bad report from a medical test? Has a loved one just suffered a serious injury? The stunning blow from such news can instantly turn your world upside down.

The good news is God still heals today—in a variety of ways. read more

Listening to the Spirit

We can do powerful things through Christ, but sometimes the Holy Spirit asks us to do things we're not comfortable with. Watch as Beth Moore shares a humorous story of how the Lord instructed her to brush an elderly gentleman's hair in a crowded airport—and what the incident taught her.

{youtube}Xtk5WgzZcYA{/youtube} read more

Flag with Bible

Carry the Banner

Many Christians don’t sense the need to get involved in the political process. But your opinions matter, and your voice needs to be heard.

We are living in an unprecedented period of our nation's history. Anyone with spiritual discernment would have to say that we are on the cusp of a national crisis.

Clearly, it is time for those with true godly wisdom to stand up, reclaim their voices and bring a resolve to the life or death decisions of our beloved America (see Prov. 8). read more

church and state

God's Plan for America


Anyone who reads the paper, listens to the news, watches television or goes to the movies with regularity can't help but be aware of the rising tide of anti-Christian sentiment in America. It is apparent in almost every aspect of our culture, including our educational system. read more

Woman covering mouth

A Woman's Right to Preach

How is it that women would venture to preach when female ministry is forbidden in the Word of God?

This is a serious objection to consider and, if capable of substantiation, would receive my immediate and cheerful acquiescence; but I think I can show, by a fair and consistent interpretation, that the very opposite view is the truth—that the public ministry of women is absolutely enjoined by both precept and example in the Word of God. read more

Eternal Significance

Have you ever felt that everyone other than you was doing something significant? That feeling can come even after reading something meant to be uplifting—such as an article in SpiritLed Woman! But who sets the standard for what is significant?

Often we assess significance using the world's standards—public visibility, wealth, power, influence. However, in God's kingdom values are reversed. Outward manifestations of importance are not the true measure of success. What is eternal—what we don't see—matters most.

God has an awesome plan for women today. This plan includes us all, not just those in public ministry. God is building an army, and He looks past natural attributes such as gender or circumstances to fill up the ranks. read more

Spiritual warfare

Armed With His Might

Your calling as a Christian is real. Here are six practices you can use to effectively overcome the onslaught of the enemy and walk in victory. read more

Spending Time with God

In this excerpt from the film Be Still and Know that I Am God, Priscilla Shirer discusses how spending time with God can allow us to have an intimate and personal relationship with Him, and she gives her insight on ways we can do this.

{youtube}uKp3rgJvNJQ{/youtube} read more


Heart-Healthy Living


Most women I meet, if asked about their greatest health concern, would probably name breast cancer as the malady they most fear. But though breast cancer might generate a more passionate reaction than heart disease, the truth of the matter is this: More women in the United States die each year from heart disease than from all cancers combined.

One out of five women in this country has some form of cardiovascular disease. It is the leading cause of death in American women, claiming more than half a million lives annually. read more

woman working out

Whether You Eat or Drink

Help and strengthen us to glorify You in all that we do, Father. This request, or something like it, is lifted up to the Lord by countless Christians every day. But how many of us take time to consider the sweeping implications of the unassuming, three-letter word, all?

I am a 24-year-old personal trainer who grew up hearing the Word, praying with my parents and attending church since Day One. But despite my Christian upbringing, it took me19 years to learn that exalting Christ’s name and glorifying the Father isn’t simply restricted to “holy” or “religious” activities such as fasting or volunteering at a homeless shelter. Like Paul said to the carnal Corinthians, we are called to glorify God whether we eat or drink! (see 1 Cor.10:31).

Today, by God’s grace and unending faithfulness, I am healthy, strong and free from oppression and pride-saturated sin. A devastating breakup with my first love at age 17 turned my world upside down. Instead of turning to God for consolation and guidance, I sought to obtain a sense of control through my “healthy” habits. read more

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