Read Acts 10

This month’s reading is the story of two very different men who had something in common: Cornelius the Roman centurion and Peter the apostle each were listening to hear the voice of God speaking through His Spirit.

As you read Acts 10, look for a few key aspects of the Holy Spirit’s work in the events of this ancient narrative that are present in our lives today as well. We can count on God’s being the same yesterday, today and tomorrow (see Heb. 13:8).

The first aspect is, the Holy Spirit spoke to both Cornelius (10:3) and Peter (10:13). All that was required for this to happen was for both men to put themselves in a place where they could hear God’s voice and to be willing to listen for Him.

The second critical aspect of this passage is that the Holy Spirit really wants us to hear His voice. He will persistently speak to us if we will allow Him to. He spoke to Peter three times to emphasize what He was saying (see vv. 13,15,16). The Fire Bible: Global Study Edition states it this way in the note on verse 19 of this passage: “The Holy Spirit desires for all people to be spiritually saved and to experience a personal and eternal relationship with Jesus.”

The final key point of this passage is that both Cornelius and Peter were willing to be obedient to the Holy Spirit after He spoke to them. Cornelius sent for Peter; and Peter went where he was called to go. The result was that “all who heard” Peter’s message were saved and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Recently a missionary assigned to Life Publishers International told about her experience of hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit for the first time. When she was 13, she was in prayer and heard God telling her that he wanted her to be a missionary and serve Him full time. At age 13, and not being from a Christian home, she felt this would be impossible; however, she was willing and kept the call in her heart.

Now, many years later, she tells about how God opened the doors for her to go to Bible school, become a missionary to Latin America, and through her testimony see her entire family commit themselves to Jesus. What seems impossible to us (and seemed impossible to Peter) is more than possible with God if we will be obedient when we hear His voice.

Do you intentionally place yourself in a position to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit? Do you really want to hear the direction the Lord wants to give you? As you hide the Scripture in your heart this month, are you willing to be obedient and do what the Holy Spirit instructs? 

If you are, then God can work great things through you just as He did through Cornelius and Peter.

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