To Save a Life

save a life

New Song Pictures/Outreach Films | Starring Randy Wayne, Deja Kreutzberg, Robert Bailey Jr., Joshua Weigel | Rated PG-13

Jake Taylor and Roger Dawson grew up best friends. But when Jake becomes a star athlete in high school, he leaves his friend behind for the popular crowd. Roger can't endure the teasing, loneliness and betrayal. He takes matters into his own hands.

Jake's regret and guilt weigh on him and he re-evaluates his life. His girlfriend, Amy Briggs, doesn't understand and wants things to stay the same. After a party one night, all of Jake's so-called friends leave him stuck without a ride. He finally calls the only person left to call—a local youth pastor who had reached out to him. Eventually, Jake starts going to church and even though he sees the hypocrisy in many of the kids, he accepts the truth.

Jake also tries to live out his faith and reaches out to Jonny Garcia, a video-game wizard and a loner. Jonny reminds Jake of his friend Roger and doesn't want to make the same mistake. He also challenges the youth group to reach out to others and live what they believe.

Unfortunately, the consequences of Jake's past catch up with him, and he and Amy are faced with a life-changing decision. As a new Christian, Jake's faith is shaken. Amy is desperate and tortured with a choice. Eventually, God provides a clear path for each of them and their faith in each other and God is restored.

Jake and Jonny's friendship is also tested during this emotional time. Jake doesn't have the strength to help Jonny with his problems. This sends Jonny spiraling into despair. But in the end Jake is a true friend when Jonny really needs one.

This film addresses multiple real-life issues including suicide, bullying, cutting, pre-marital sex, abortion and hypocrisy but manages to present a relatively cohesive story. To Save a Life can help parents, youth leaders and even fellow teens discuss the emotions, decisions and challenges teenagers face. Many will relate to the characters and will examine their own lives and contemplate the difference they are making—good or bad.

Additional resources include a devotional, available at devo2go.com, and a novel written by the screenwriter and his wife, Jim and Rachel Britts. Click here to purchase the book. For more information, downloads and to watch a trailer, visit tosavealifemovie.com.

To Save a Life opens Jan. 22. The thematic elements make this film most appropriate for pre-teens and older.

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