Becca by the Book

beccaBy Laura Jensen Walker | Zondervan | softcover | 320 pages | $14.99

Becca Daniels enjoys all types of adventure—from dyeing her hair wild colors to skydiving. When a broken ankle grounds her, she doesn't take it well. Her book-club girlfriends, who are all Christians, don't make it easier on her when they tease Becca about her lack of commitment in relationships. Becca decides to prove them wrong and promises to date the next guy who asks her out for three months, or 25 outings.

What she didn't expect was a date request from a Christian—definitely not Becca's type. But despite her feelings and opinions about Christianity and religion, Becca is determined to win the bet. While she endures potlucks, prayer meetings and conferences, Becca not only learns a lot of Christian terms (she and her book club develop a dictionary), but also re-evaluates her life in light of everything she's experienced. She realizes that there just might be a higher purpose for her life.

This book is an easy, fun read. Many will relate to Becca's experiences at church and her encounters with genuine Christians for the first time. Longtime believers will get a glimpse of what it's like for those not raised in the church—the book draws attention to ways that Christians communicate with one another and how confusing common church terminology can be. Becca's story also demonstrates that we cannot outrun God; He is always in pursuit.

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