By John B. Olson | B&H Fiction | softcover | 400 pages | $14.99

John B. Olson delivers a supernatural thriller in Powers. Though it is a sequel to his novel Shade, it is a self-contained story.

Powers begins with Mariutza, who was raised in a Louisiana swamp by her grandfather, Purodad. He has trained her to be one of the Standing, a group to which God gives extrasensory powers against the Badness, Satan's human presence. When 10 cloaked men murder Purodad, his dying words send Mariutza on a quest for Jazzaniah the prophet and a treasure the Badness wants.

Meanwhile Jazzaniah, a struggling New Orleans musician, is experiencing strange visions that are leading him to Mariutza. Jazzaniah helps her find others in the Standing while dodging police, the FBI and shadowy government agencies convinced by the Badness that the Standing is a terrorist group.

The portions that are written from Mariutza's viewpoint may throw some readers, since she does not understand everyday things such as automobiles and cell phones. Nonetheless, Powers offers a gripping plot that will keep the reader engaged.

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