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I wasn't sure what to expect when I sat down to watch the DVD Finger of God. I immediately noticed the quality cinematography and the filmmaker and director Darren Wilson's easygoing commentary and humor. It was off to a great start, but this film just got better and better. Wilson says in the beginning that to him "God was kind of an invisible friend whose greatest hits had happened a long time ago." He wondered why God still did the miraculous, so he set out to capture miracles on film.

He films people receiving gold teeth, and jewels, gold dust and even manna, people being healed. He travels across the United States and to Africa, to China, to Eastern Europe witnessing and documenting the miraculous power of God at work today.

He talks to a who's who list of pastors, missionaries and ministry leaders including Bill Johnson of Bethel Church; Sid Roth of Messianic Vision; John Arnott, pastor of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship; and many others. These people know and experience the supernatural miracles regularly and testify that the miraculous power of God is real and it is for everyone.

By now, I was captivated. But when Wilson talks to Dennis Balcome about China, I started to squirm. Wilson includes rare footage of underground church services in China. These Christians go to church for hours (to them a four-hour sermon is short). They worship God with abandon-and their lives are on the line. I know I don't worship God like that.

I was again moved when Wilson visits Rolland and Heidi Baker of Iris Ministries in Mozambique, Africa. I am somewhat familiar with this couple and was glad to learn more about them. They see hundreds of people being raised from the dead. I heard the testimony of a man who was resurrected; it was a powerful testament to God's healing power but also to the power of forgiveness. I saw Heidi ministering to people, preaching and praying for healing; and people were healed.

It was a privilege to witness even secondhand the things God is doing around the world. At the end of his journey, Wilson learned that there is one reason God does miracles. There is one reason Heidi and so many others can do what they do. It's love. I pray for God to teach me to love others as I should.

To be honest, I haven't and can't do this film justice. But Finger of God is a must-have, a must-watch multiple times. It will challenge you. It will inspire and encourage you. But most of all it will remind you that a real, powerful, miracle-working God loves you.

This film is perfect for any age or group. For more information visit fingerofgodfilm.com. Click here to purchase Finger of God.

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