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Newboys Appoint New Lead Singer

Michael Tait, formerly with dcTalk and Tait, will replace longtime Newsboys' lead singer and founder Peter Furler as touring lead singer, although Furler will make special appearances throughout the year. The band's newest project, In the Hands of God, releases May 5 and features lead vocals from Furler, who will continue to work on the band's studio recordings.

"While the decision to replace Peter on the road was a painstaking one, when the idea of dcTalk vocalist Michael Tait was presented it was a no-brainer to all of us," said Newsboys manager Wes Campbell. "No one can replace Peter, but we know Michael will bring a new attitude, energy and vocal style that will thrill our audience. To be able to continue a world-class show and still have Peter behind the scenes guiding the career and making of Newsboys music is a huge opportunity for all of us."

Tait said he was "speechless" upon receiving the offer to join the Newsboys: "This is a definite highlight of my career and for my 20-plus years of walking with Jesus, and I am humbled, proud and privileged to call myself a Newsboy."

In a statement, Furler said he is looking forward to focusing on the studio work and spending more time at home and added that he will go into more detail about the announcement on the band's Web site in the coming days. Recently, the band also welcomed guitarist Jody Davis back into the tribe after the departure of Paul Colman. read more

Chorus of the Saints

By Revive, Reunion Records.

Revive have been together for more than four years and released three albums in their native Australia. In 2007 Third Day heard them perform and the music veterans became mentors to this young band. Last year Dave Hanbury (lead vocals), Tyler Hall (guitar), Mike Tenkate (drums) and Rich Thompson (bass) brought their music and ministry stateside. Musically, Revive fit in the pop-rock genre, but their lyrics also put them in the worship category. The title song and opener remind listeners of God's faithfulness. "The Truth Is" turns down the volume a bit but not the energy, as the group declares that "there is none like You." "You Know" is a standout with Third Day's Mac Powell joining in. Worship ballad "Power" sings of the awe we'll feel in heaven as we can only cry, "Power, glory, honor to you our King." At times it seems as if they are trying too hard (pushing vocals), but their talent and passion mixed with experience will have them ministering in music for years to come. Click here to purchase this CD. read more

Take Everything

By Seventh Day Slumber, BEC Recordings.

Seventh Day Slumber play alternative rock with melodic vocals, orchestral sounds and big guitars, but much of the guitar work is scaled back on Take Everything, a collection of praise and worship standards. In its place, the band offers sincerity and restrained arrangements. Well-known songs such as "Famous One," "Everlasting God" and "Nothing But the Blood" are featured and notable for their lack of busyness. In other words, the band doesn't try to do too much with these tunes, but there's something about lead singer Joseph Rojas' vulnerable vocals that makes this record worth hearing. The biggest surprise comes on the well-known MercyMe song "I Can Only Imagine," which the band transforms from a pop-country tune to an interesting alternative-rock song. It's one of the few big risks they take, but it really pays off, and is one of several things that make this mostly quiet album not only a good choice for Seventh Day Slumber fans, but for fans of pop-rock praise and worship, too. Click here to purchase this album. read more

Richard Stearns: Living the Whole Gospel

In 1998 Richard Stearns left his position as CEO of Lenox to become the president of World Vision, a Christian relief organization. This decision changed his life, and he shares his journey in his new book, The Hole in Our Gospel. He has traveled more than 1 million miles and shares stories of how the gospel has revolutionized lives, but it's the whole gospel in action. He says, "Christianity is a faith that was meant to be spread. ... Our charge is to both proclaim and embody the gospel so that others can see, hear, and feel God's love in tangible ways. ... The gospel means much more than personal salvation of individuals. It means a social revolution." Stearns discovered a hole in his own Christian faith and now challenges American Christians and the church to examine their gospel and determine to live the whole gospel, one that gives us a vision for transforming the world today. Here Stearns shares thoughts about his book. read more

DVD Resources

Isaiah 61, a new media company and division of the American Association of Christian Counselors, aims to equip, educate and encourage people biblically and help them grow spiritually. In order to do this, the company offers an array of DVD studies from leading authorities on topics such as marriage, spirituality, finances and prayer. Gain insights from Beth Moore, John Ortberg, Angela Thomas, Tommy Nelson, Beverly LaHaye, Dr. Catherine Hart Weber and many others. Last month the company launched with the first teaching in its Your Spiritual Life Series and the eight-disc Extraordinary Women's Series, which includes the teachings A Woman's Prayer Life by Beth Moore, A Marriage Without Regret by Kay Arthur and A Woman's Finances by Mary Hart. More recently Isaiah 61 released the first in the Hot Topics! Series, Sexuality: A Biblical Perspective, in which pastor Tommy Nelson teaches God's perspective on sex and romance. Recently released are Forgiveness: Understanding and Getting Beyond Our Pain & Past with insights from Dr. David Stoop, and the Financial Rescue teaching from Scott and Bethany Palmer. These products can be purchased at or in Christian bookstores. Also available are free study guides for each DVD . These teachings are appropriate for individual or group study. read more

Free Yourself to Love

By Jackie Kendall, FaithWords, softcover, 256 pages, $13.99.

It's not a matter of if you're going to be greatly wronged; it's a matter of when. And when it happens forgiveness can be one our greatest challenges. Jackie Kendall, president of Power to Grow Ministries, tackles the nitty-gritty of handling damage done to us and exposes the subtle but common ways people exercise pseudo-forgiveness. Some minimize the offense, others rush to forgive without feeling the pain and trauma, and the seemingly big-hearted explain away the behavior, while others cover up or keep emotions in check by being highly driven. It may all be "natural" behavior, but Kendall points out that no matter how you dress it up, you'll still be enlisted in the Victim Entitlement Society. The person most affected is you. Kendall says, "Unforgiveness is a form of self-abuse." In fact, for a Christian, she says, "it's an oxymoron." "Love is one of the key characteristics a follower of Jesus should display, and forgiveness is a synonym for love." Kendall's dramatic personal history and the many other stories she shares underline "forgiveness tools" and biblical principles that will help you to be a person who authentically forgives. Click here to purchase this book. read more

I Believe There Is More

By Don Moen, Integrity Music.

As enjoyable as high-energy, fast-paced praise and worship music is, there is something refreshing about the simple, easy-listening music Don Moen offers on his latest release. His collection of 14 songs, including nine tracks he wrote or co-wrote, are more mellow than most of the worship music offered today. But that certainly doesn't diminish the power his music will have to help listeners enter into the presence of the Lord. Moen goes a little country on "Thank God I'm Free," an energetic song of praise. Title track "I Believe There Is More" is a song of faith declaring that even though God has done great things so far, He is going to do still more. "O God of Abraham," with a Celtic touch, declares that God can do anything. "I'll Say Yes" is a song of complete surrender "casting aside any fear and price" to obey. Although this album isn't the rousing music that some might be used to, there is a sense of peace that comes through in Moen's straightforward yet more mellow approach. Listeners will be encouraged and renewed as they allow the music and lyrics to wash over them. Click here to purchase this CD. read more

Bluetree: Worship From Ireland

Although Bluetree has been together for about five years, their song "God of This City" is likely to be more familiar than the band itself. But with their new CD release on March 3, people have the chance to hear more from this worship band. Aaron Boyd (lead vocals/guitar), Andy McCann (bass), Pete Kernoghan (deejay) and Johnny Hobson (drums), all hailing from Belfast, Ireland, feel that they are called to lead worship, "to be creating songs and music that help people," Boyd says.

But what kind of a name is Bluetree? Boyd explains that when the group was deciding on a name, they were thinking about how Christians are to be salt and light, they are called to be different. "The simple concept of having a blue tree in a forest would stand out. A blue tree would be different; a blue tree would not be the run of the mill green tree, brown bark. ... And if you've seen a blue tree, you'd look at it, it would be a bit different than the rest and you would take a bit more notice of that tree." read more

Hollywood on Fire

Pisces Productions

When I was a teenager, I wanted to be an actress. But I decided that I couldn't be one because I didn't want to have to take roles that compromised my Christian values. But after watching the new documentary Hollywood on Fire, I realized that I could have gone to Hollywood without compromising my faith. There are many Christians who have done just that, and this film features interviews with a variety of people who have worked in front of and behind the cameras while maintaining their faith and integrity.

It can be said that as movies go, there goes society. I saw how this could be true when I learned the history of Hollywood. It originally began as a Christian community, and churches were the first theaters. But eventually the church lost, or gave up, its involvement and influence. Ted Baher, who shares an impressive amount of history throughout the film, says when the church was involved the films didn't include immoral and violent content, and the crime rate was lower; but when the church retreated, the films were filled with violent and sexual content, and the crime rate increased. I understood more than ever how important it is for Christians to be involved in every aspect of storytelling, whether on the big screen or on television. read more

The Coming Israel Awakening

By James W. Goll, Chosen, softcover, 272 pages, $14.99.

This book starts with a bang, detailing a 2006 vision of an angel appearing before James Goll, clothed in a glowing robe and gold sash emblazoned with the words: "Israel Awakening." And, it never lets up, delivering a combination of history lesson, prophetic revelation and a stirring call to action. Many are likely to feel embarrassed reading the author's recap of the Church's shameful history, which ultimately helped fuel Adolph Hitler's murderous elimination of six million Jews. Echoing the cries of "never again!" heard in Israel, Goll urges Christians to let this be their watchword in standing against the anti-Semitism that is rising again across the world. The Coming Israel Awakening is also excellent resource material, including an overview of Israel's history, a recap of revivals and Holy Spirit movements, and a list of referral ministries. It will also inspire readers with such details as Christianity being the world's leading faith (twice the growth rate of Islam), the mushrooming of Christianity in Africa and the explosion of conversions since Israel's rebirth in 1948. Click here to purchase this book. read more


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