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Angel Wars: The Messengers

Angel Wars: The Messengers

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Backyard Digital Studios

When evil abounds, young warriors must rise to the challenge and overcome. In Angel Wars: The Messengers, the Guardian Force, a group of angel warriors who are sworn to protect the world from evil, has two new recruits. Kira and Eli aren't full guardians yet and have a lot to learn. But when evil threatens the city, there is no more time for training. Kira and Eli have to deliver hope to the city and learn to cooperate with each other to combat the soldiers of darkness. In the midst of their greatest challenge, the two become the warriors they are destined to become. For the last five years, families have enjoyed the values-based stories and cutting-edge animation this series has delivered. This fourth installment features an exclusive sneak peak at upcoming adventures as well as character profiles. This 89-minute episode will capture the attention of all ages, but will be especially appealing for the 8- to 12-year-old crowd. To purchase a copy of Angel Wars: The Messengers, click here. read more

Surrender All

Surrender All

By Joni Lamb, WaterBrook Press, hardcover, 224 pages, $19.99.

Marcus and Joni Lamb launched Daystar Television Network in 1982, but it didn't happen overnight. It took a lot of faith, a lot of trust and total surrender. In her book Surrender All, Joni Lamb chronicles her choice to surrender, first in her early 20s and still to this day. Through personal stories,she shows readers that when we give up control to God—in our health, finances, relationships, every area—our lives change, "not overnight, but over time—and forever," she writes. He has a plan for each of us, and He uses our gifts to fulfill our destinies, but we must trust Him with all that we are. Lamb understands how it feels to not know what the future holds, but she also knows she can trust the God who does know the future. She writes, "Life will not be perfect, nor will it be painless ... but the path of surrender is a place of peace within a place of rest." Because she knows what it takes to give up complete control, it is easy to glean from her wisdom. Lamb's writing style is personable and approachable, and readers will be encouraged to trust God and give all that they are to Him. Lamb is living proof that only when we truly surrender our lives to God will we live with peace, power and purpose. Click here to purchase this inspiring book. read more

The God of This City

The God of This City

By Bluetree, Lucid Artist.

Many people have heard and even sung the anthem "The God of This City," which has been recorded by Chris Tomlin and was the theme for the Passion World Tour. But now we can hear it from Bluetree, the band that wrote it. Hailing from Belfast, Ireland, the members of Bluetree—Aaron Boyd (lead vocalist and guitarist), Andy McCann (bassist), Johnny Hobson (drummer) and Pete Kernoghan (deejay)—write worship songs that inspire change in everyday life. They desire to encourage people with hope but also remind them to live with others in mind. They practice what they believe. They were on a missions trip to Pattaya, Thailand, a city known for sex tourism, when God gave them "The God of This City." Bluetree realized that this was a "prophetic shout" not only for Pattaya but also for the entire world. The energetic debut opener "Life's Noise" reminds us that God is in the quiet of life and praising Him clears away distractions. "Burn Me Up" cries for God to refine us so that the world sees more of Him. Boyd wrote "Each Day" after getting the news that his newborn daughter had cystic fibrosis. This upbeat song declares that in spite of difficult circumstances, we can trust the God that never leaves us alone. This album combines a diverse mix of songs and styles, yet the sense of worship throughout makes it cohesive. If this debut is any indication of what is ahead for Bluetree, believers are going to be encouraged by their ministry for many years to come. Click here to order The God of This City. read more


Around the World for 40 Years

A who's who of pastors and Christian leaders turned out for a screening of The Cross: The Arthur Blessitt Story at the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Fla., on Tuesday night. Across the country, Matt Crouch hosted live on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) a separate screening celebration at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, where Blessitt's nearly 40-year journey started.

Among those attending in Florida were Jentezen Franklin from Gainesville, Ga.; Mark Chironna, pastor of Master's Touch International Church in Orlando; and Vonette Bright, co-founder of Campus Crusade for Christ. Crouch was joined by Blessitt, actor Pat Boone, worship artist Israel Houghton and others.

The film chronicles the nearly four decades that Blessitt has carried a 12-foot wooden cross around the world. The Mississippi-born evangelist has traveled to 315 countries and walked more than 38,000 miles. Crouch, CEO of Gener8Xion Entertainment, has known Blessitt for many years and realized last year that it was time to tell his story. The film opens March 27 in theaters nationwide.

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Blessitt began his ministry on Sunset Strip and became known as the "Sunset Strip Minister." Because he loved the people he met on the Strip, he was reluctant to leave when he sensed God calling him to walk around the world carrying a wooden cross. But God reminded him that Sunset Strip stretches around the world.

Blessitt was ready to obey. Two weeks before he was to leave Los Angeles, however, doctors discovered he had a brain aneurysm. He explains in the film that circumstances don't change the call of God. Facing possible death, Blessitt decided he would rather die while in God's will than to live out of it. He left on schedule—Christmas Day 1969.

Moviegoers will be inspired by Blessitt's passion and commitment to not only answer God's call but also to persevere even in the midst of incredible danger. Blessitt says he learned along the way to see hardships and difficulties not as stumbling blocks but as stepping stones. "The safest place to be is in the will of God," he says onscreen.

Blessitt has traveled through 52 war zones, been arrested 24 times and beaten multiple times, but he has also seen miracles as God protected him, kept him alive and brought him through. Throughout his lengthy mission, he's had the opportunity to minister to countless people. That now includes millions more who, in watching The Cross, will undoubtedly be inspired by the lessons he's learned and the relationship he developed with the Lord—both conveyed powerfully onscreen. Ultimately, Blessitt says, it's all about loving God and people.

It was Crouch, as the movie's director and narrator, who best summed up this film: "It's not about the cross carrier; it's about what the cross did to the cross carrier."

Before the Florida audience saw the film, Crouch teased Franklin on-air to remember the advice, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." But Crouch had nothing to worry about because those present had only kudos for the filmmaker and Blessitt.

Franklin admitted that before seeing the film he wondered if it would keep his attention. Afterward, however, he told Crouch that it was the greatest thing he'd ever seen, adding that every Christian needed to see this life-changing, powerful movie. To fellow Christians he declared: "This is our message. This is our film." Franklin said it's also for unbelievers and thinks that "God is going to astonish us with what He is going to do with this film."

Crouch agreed. "It's time for the message of the cross."

Bright believes this film is an answer to prayer. She and her late husband, Bill Bright, desired for years to see the medium of film honor God. And the movie does just that. She told the audiences that what we learn from this story is that "the important thing in life is to be where He wants us to be. ... There's nothing like trusting Jesus."


To read more about The Cross: The Arthur Blessit Story, click hereread more

Norman Hutchins: Seeing God in Difficult Times

Norman Hutchins: Seeing God in Difficult Times

When recording artist Norman Hutchins sensed God calling him to pray every day at 5 a.m. in early 2006, he didn't know why. But when complications from a delicate eye surgery left him completely blind that same year, he soon discovered the answer.

"The Lord said, ‘Norman, no matter how gifted and talented and anointed you may be, you are no good to Me if you don't take care of you.'"

Hutchins, 46, is referring to his battle with diabetes, a disease he was diagnosed with years ago. The singer said for six months he depended on his wife, Karen, and others to escort him to his pulpit where he preached every Sunday during the ordeal. He says loosing his sight forced him to repent for not taking care of the body God gave him. read more

The Robe Special Edition

The Robe Special Edition

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Starring Richard Burton, Jean Simmons, Victor Mature, Jay Robinson and Richard Boone

Now a new generation can enjoy this classic coming-to-faith story. Academy Award-winning actor Richard Burton stars as Marcellus Gallio, a Roman centurion who was sent to Jerusalem to oversee Christ's crucifixion. Gambling with other soldiers, Gallio wins the robe Jesus wore. But he starts having hallucinations and believes he is cursed because of the robe, which his escaped slaved has. So he sets out to find the robe to destroy it and break the curse over his life. But on his journey he finds faith and converts to Christianity. This film was nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Actor (Burton) and Best Cinematography and won for Best Art Direction and Best Costume Design. Bonus features include an introduction by Martin Scorsese, commentary, several featurettes, vintage celebrity intros and much more. This newly restored film, which took almost two years to complete, releases on March 17. This story of faith is the perfect way for young and old to celebrate the Easter season. Click here to preorder The Robe. read more

Lord, Help Me Break This Habit

Lord, Help Me Break This Habit


By Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock, Chosen, softcover, 192 pages, $13.99.

It's a relief when someone speaks plainly about a touchy subject. Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock do just that. Worry, fear, criticism, anger, pride--they're so common we hardly recognize how these "household sins" are crippling us. They're tough, too. Bad habits don't just drop away the minute you become a Christian; and repenting doesn't always break the pattern. As Sherrer writes, "First, we make our habits. Then our habits make or break us." These authors take it all on: manipulation, sexual temptations, prejudices, even religious activities are exposed as coping mechanisms that remove people from their true feelings of sadness, rejection, inadequacy or pain. Sherrer and Garlock advocate the safeguard of discernment. They challenge you to be blatantly honest, even when it seems as if it's a habit that's deeply ingrained. You can have a richer life, they explain, by tapping into God's power and bringing your daily activities into a better balance. They share memorable stories of how people broke bad habits, such as the disgruntled relocated family who had to put a dollar in their "Complaining Cup," or the congregation that switched a wristband to the other wrist each time they gossiped or made a sarcastic comment. This book will leave you feeling encouraged to use strategy and persistence to get free from bad habits. Click here to purchase Lord, Help Me Break This Habit.


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Newboys Appoint New Lead Singer

Newboys Appoint New Lead Singer

Michael Tait, formerly with dcTalk and Tait, will replace longtime Newsboys' lead singer and founder Peter Furler as touring lead singer, although Furler will make special appearances throughout the year. The band's newest project, In the Hands of God, releases May 5 and features lead vocals from Furler, who will continue to work on the band's studio recordings.

"While the decision to replace Peter on the road was a painstaking one, when the idea of dcTalk vocalist Michael Tait was presented it was a no-brainer to all of us," said Newsboys manager Wes Campbell. "No one can replace Peter, but we know Michael will bring a new attitude, energy and vocal style that will thrill our audience. To be able to continue a world-class show and still have Peter behind the scenes guiding the career and making of Newsboys music is a huge opportunity for all of us."

Tait said he was "speechless" upon receiving the offer to join the Newsboys: "This is a definite highlight of my career and for my 20-plus years of walking with Jesus, and I am humbled, proud and privileged to call myself a Newsboy."

In a statement, Furler said he is looking forward to focusing on the studio work and spending more time at home and added that he will go into more detail about the announcement on the band's Web site in the coming days. Recently, the band also welcomed guitarist Jody Davis back into the tribe after the departure of Paul Colman. read more

Chorus of the Saints

Chorus of the Saints

By Revive, Reunion Records.

Revive have been together for more than four years and released three albums in their native Australia. In 2007 Third Day heard them perform and the music veterans became mentors to this young band. Last year Dave Hanbury (lead vocals), Tyler Hall (guitar), Mike Tenkate (drums) and Rich Thompson (bass) brought their music and ministry stateside. Musically, Revive fit in the pop-rock genre, but their lyrics also put them in the worship category. The title song and opener remind listeners of God's faithfulness. "The Truth Is" turns down the volume a bit but not the energy, as the group declares that "there is none like You." "You Know" is a standout with Third Day's Mac Powell joining in. Worship ballad "Power" sings of the awe we'll feel in heaven as we can only cry, "Power, glory, honor to you our King." At times it seems as if they are trying too hard (pushing vocals), but their talent and passion mixed with experience will have them ministering in music for years to come. Click here to purchase this CD. read more

Take Everything

Take Everything

By Seventh Day Slumber, BEC Recordings.

Seventh Day Slumber play alternative rock with melodic vocals, orchestral sounds and big guitars, but much of the guitar work is scaled back on Take Everything, a collection of praise and worship standards. In its place, the band offers sincerity and restrained arrangements. Well-known songs such as "Famous One," "Everlasting God" and "Nothing But the Blood" are featured and notable for their lack of busyness. In other words, the band doesn't try to do too much with these tunes, but there's something about lead singer Joseph Rojas' vulnerable vocals that makes this record worth hearing. The biggest surprise comes on the well-known MercyMe song "I Can Only Imagine," which the band transforms from a pop-country tune to an interesting alternative-rock song. It's one of the few big risks they take, but it really pays off, and is one of several things that make this mostly quiet album not only a good choice for Seventh Day Slumber fans, but for fans of pop-rock praise and worship, too. Click here to purchase this album. read more


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