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Removing the Island Idols

In the Dominican Republic, where occult practices have been mixed with Christianity for centuries, the Holy Spirit is cleansing His church. read more

Invading The Darkness

The Holy Spirit is moving today in unprecedented ways, even in countries where the gospel is not welcome. read more

Our Love Is Loud

A growing number of Christian teens and 20-somethings are attending late-night dance parties--to worship the Lord and introduce their friends to Jesus. read more

Someone is Stealing the Children

Hundreds of kids are abducted in the United States each year. Today, Christians are starting unique ministries that comfort distraught parents and help find missing children. read more

Welcome to our Paradise

Eno and Debi Maletic share the gospel with homeless people in Marathon, Florida—where carefree islanders rarely see Christian compassion. read more

Warm Hearts, Loving Arms

Keith and Cherith Marsh, pastors in New Hampshire, have adopted several foster kids-and have made room for more. read more


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