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Heaven on Earth

Receiving God's blessings requires believing His Word and then walking in that truth. read more

Addicted to Jesus

If you spend time with God daily, praying regularly will become a way of life for you. read more

You Need God

God is the only one who knows where you need to go in life and how to get you there. read more

My Meeting With Obama

Who would have thought one year ago that the election for president this year would be between John McCain and Barack Obama? During the primaries only Gov. Mike Huckabee seemed to reach out to the conservative Christian base, which was slow to support "one of our own"--a man who heartily agrees with the biblical positions on life and marriage I’ve discussed here many times. Though Huckabee got further than anyone thought, it was clear by March that McCain would be the Republican choice. Because he’s strongly pro-life, supports traditional marriage and strongly supports Israel, I was relieved. read more


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