I was browsing in a Christian bookstore one day in December 2003, when a sparkling silver bracelet caught my eye. Because I was there to purchase a Bible cover, I was about to walk past the jewelry counter, when the Lord spoke to me and said clearly, "Buy the bracelet."

Under my breath, I said, "Lord, I don't think I want it."

He said to me, "It's not for you."

When I asked Him, "Who is it for?" He said, "You'll know when the time is right."

At home, I sat the mystery gift on a bookshelf, and there it remained for several months. Now and then I'd glance at it and wonder who would eventually receive it. I was waiting for the "go ahead" from the Lord.

One Sunday morning in June 2004, I was getting dressed when the Lord told me to take the bracelet to church that morning. I asked Him, "Who should I give it to?"

His answer came back, "You'll know when you get there."

I found a pretty lavender bag in which to present the gift, and I set out to discover who the recipient might be.

I was greeting worshipers that morning. Several parishioners inquired, "Who's the gift for?" I was forced to say, "I don't know yet!"

After a few minutes, I saw my friend Janet coming up the walkway with her head bowed slightly, which was unlike her normally cheerful appearance. As she entered, tears streamed down her face.

Janet said she prayed before leaving home that God would arrange for a guardian angel to meet her at church. She needed to share some disturbing news that required an understanding heart. The day before, she was told she had cancer, and the outlook was not the best.

At this point I knew the bracelet was for Janet. Through surgery and many months of chemotherapy, Janet's constant companion was the bracelet that the Lord chose for her. She continues to wear it today as a witness to her faith in God, giving Him all the glory for the miraculous recovery she has made.

I've learned never to question God's directives. I can't wait to see what else He has planned for me.

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