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Man praying

10 Ways to Rejuevnate Your Prayer Life

Do you want to jump-start your prayer life? Have you fallen into a rut and feel you've lost the fervor you once had? Here are some tips to help you renew your prayer life. read more

How a Fasted Lifestyle Can Move Heaven

God is not moved by political correctness; He’s moved when His people humble themselves with fasting and prayer to seek His face. Here’s how to do more than just talk about fasting. read more

Attention Americans: Prayer Urgently Needed

With 40 Days to Save America winding down and Election Day near, it's more important than ever for Americans to reflect upon their relationship with God and to repent of their transgressions. read more

Anne Gimenez

The Time to Pray Is Now

Prayer is critical to any nation. With America at a crossroads, it is the only thing that will bring real change to this country. read more

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