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Return to the River

If you were once in the river of God but have gotten out, you can go back. Here's how.

Stephen Thompson played defensive tackle for the New York Jets during the heyday of Joe Namath. He even has a Super Bowl ring and flashes it occasionally if someone tries to intimidate him. But tackling the problem of staying in the river of God--the current flow of His Spirit-- proved to be an even greater challenge than tackling football superstars.

After his days as a pro football player Stephen and his wife, Starla, entered the ministry. He became pastor of a church near Seattle in the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, a Pentecostal denomination founded by Aimee Semple McPherson, the famous woman evangelist of the early 1900s. The denomination's Pentecostal roots, however, did not seem to prepare the members of Stephen's church for the current move of the Spirit. read more

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Lord, Give Us New Hearts

It's time to seek the Lord as never before. As we do, our consecration and devotion will intensify, and we will become remarkably more like him.

Right before we held our conference in Chicago in 2000, God began to get my attention on the subject of the new heart. We were planning to have the event in a beautiful church that seats 4,500 people; it was going to be impressive.

But a few days before the conference, we ran into difficulties and had to switch to another facility. This one was not as big and was more difficult for the people to get to. read more

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