Salt of the Earth

During the time preceding the recent election many Christians realized just how far away from its Christian foundations our culture has strayed. Though we can't single-handedly reverse the ungodly trends, believers can have an impact by living according to God's principles and carrying Christ to a lost world, one person at a time.

Jesus said that we are "'the salt of the earth'" (Matt. 5:13, NIV). In New Testament days, salt was used primarily as a preservative rather than simply a flavor enhancer. Preserving our nation's Christian heritage won't be easy, but we will succeed if we all do our part.

How can you make a difference? Start with the circle of family and friends right around you.

One thing I've done is bring my two sons into a genuine relationship with Jesus and train them to fulfill their God-given destinies. My oldest son, Cameron, was my first "disciple." He is now influencing many in his generation for God through his magazine, Relevant (www.relevantmagazine.com), and the books he publishes. My younger son, Chandler, though still in high school, is already a light for Christ.

Beyond your familiar circle of relationships is a world that needs the salt and light of Christ. Jesus ministered wherever there was a need because He was sent to the sick and not the righteous (see Mark 2:17). We can bring His presence into every situation.

Here are some examples:


  • One of our staff members teaches the children at a homeless shelter one night each week. In just a few visits she sets them on a path to know God.


  • A friend in ministry hosts a night each week at a Ronald McDonald House. She brings hope to parents and sick children and leads many to Christ.


  • One of our editors began her path to ministry by volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center, where the love of Christ brought a solution to mothers and spared the lives of unborn children.


  • A homeschooling mother I know led a backyard Bible club for neighborhood children, impacting both children and parents.


  • One woman I met reviewed textbooks for her county. She was instrumental in having some of the books, which were deemed immoral, pulled from the curriculum.

    In the marketplace, there are numerous ways to share your faith. Another powerful way to bring about change is through prayer. Get a prayer partner and begin to pray for your family, your community and the nation. You can change the course of events right from your home.

    We are in living in an important age. Many leaders say it's God's time to bring in a great harvest of souls--but laborers are needed! As you begin 2005, ask God to show you how you can partner with Him to change our nation and make a difference for eternity.

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