The Lady Is A Preacher

I am so grateful for your article about Kayy Gordon, the missionary to the Canadian Arctic's Inuit people ("Revival on Ice" by Billy Bruce, December). Praise God for Gordon and others who refuse to accept hindrances to their callings.

The suppression of women is one of the big reasons why revival tarries. When the church starts running on all cylinders, the Great Commission will be accomplished with great speed.

Barbara A. Horvath

Glendale, Arizona


I have known Kayy Gordon since her conversion at age 15 in Vancouver, Canada. At age 19, she had a dream to go to the Arctic. This brave lady never allowed anything to deter her vision.

It never bothered Kayy as to whether men would receive her ministry. All she was concerned with was reaching the Inuit people for Jesus. We could call her an apostle to the Arctic because she, like Paul, established new churches and "did not build on another person's foundation."

Violet Kiteley, founding pastor

Shiloh Christian Fellowship

Oakland, California


Your cover photograph of Kayy Gordon wearing fur is a travesty. In today's climate of heightened awareness of the pain and suffering of animals resulting from human greed, it is unimaginable that a Christian magazine could be unaware of the implications of this cover.

Sharon Azar

New York , New York


Should Women Be Silent?

Thank you for your article on women in ministry ("Let the Women Preach!" by J. Lee Grady, December). You're pretty brave to suggest such a thing. Many men are going to be angry with you. Your articles inspire and stretch the limits of my belief system.

John W. Cooper

Milledgeville, Georgia


Grady has certainly challenged the church with his hard-hitting article. If we are going to make a case for empowering women in the church, all Scripture that may suggest otherwise must be explained.

Tom Byron

Midland, Michigan


I'm subscribing to Charisma after debating for a while. What made me decide? The wonderful article on gender equality. I'm a woman pastor, and I could write a book on the struggle I've gone through to get to the place where I could ignore my beloved brethren in evangelical Christendom long enough to hear the Holy Spirit.

Dorcas N. George, pastor

Plymouth, Wisconsin


Though I agree with Grady's view on women, I was troubled with the tone that seemed to paint Southern Baptists (which I am not) and persons of other views as bigots. Are these groups trying to oppress women, or are they trying to keep scriptural purity in their polity?

Josh Rice

Atlanta, Georgia


Women can teach, prophesy and pray for people, but men are still called and created to lead. Leadership of the body goes from Christ to man, and the man delegates to women. Let's stick with the Bible, not with what's popular. Women ministers, yes. Women senior pastors, no way.

John Artzer

Redlands, California


Thanks for the courage to support the full participation of women in all areas of ministry and leadership. How can the church expect to fulfill the Great Commission with one arm--the women--tied behind our back? The message of equality is the full gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sharon Browning

Mesquite, Texas


I was saddened by your article. There is equality in the triune God, but different roles. There is equality with the Godhead, but there is also a hierarchy. The Son is subject to the Father. The Spirit was sent by Jesus. Women can preach, but headship is always male.

Samuel Han

Melaka, Malaysia


Grady's article was offensive. I hear from charismatics about winning the world for Jesus, and then I see this kind of reporting, which is empty talk. It's a sad day in the church when we adopt worldly standards to understand God's Word.

Phillip Gordon



My wife and I have always believed in equality in marriage and ministry. The spirit of hatred and bigotry that tried to keep black people from experiencing liberty is the same spirit that keeps women from being a channel of His power.

John Croissant

Tulsa, Oklahoma


It's obvious from Scripture that God doesn't mind women prophesying or preaching. But we can't overlook the fact that Jesus only ordained males as apostles. How can we get around that? Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

name and city withheld

If Jesus were an equal opportunity Messiah, how many women should we have expected to see on his 12-person executive board? Like it or not, in God's Word as a whole, women in leadership roles stand in almost complete insignificance to the overwhelming record of men whom God raised up to lead.

Wade Lineberger, principal

Safford Christian School

Safford, Arizona


Christian women not only have permission to preach, they are commanded by Jesus to evangelize the world. But a woman's zeal and eloquence does not qualify her to hold the position of pastor in a local church. The Bible says women are forbidden from holding positions of spiritual rulership.

Our society is becoming more acceptable to men acting like women and vice versa. But God and His Word proclaim: "Not in My house!"

Michael Premo

Des Moines, Washington

Your article about women preaching is wrong. I'm only 14 years old, but it specifically says in the Bible that women are not permitted to preach or to have authority over a man (see 1 Tim. 2:12).

Katie King

Honeydew, California


Editor's note: 1 Timothy 2:12 does not say women cannot have authority. It says they cannot "usurp" authority. This word in the Greek, authentein, denotes a violent overthrow. If a woman is placed in a position of leadership (as the apostle Paul placed women such as Priscilla, Phoebe and Junia) she is not usurping authority.



End-Times Frenzy

I was pleased to read Gary DeMar's opinion in your report on the Left Behind book series phenomenon ("Rapture Fever" by Natalie Nichols Gillespie, December). Hopefully, you will offer more articles with this view. I believe the "end times" was 2,000 years ago, and there is a glorious future for the church.

Judith Dunlop

Daytona Beach, Florida


I was glad you presented differing opinions in your report and that you interviewed Gary DeMar. So many in the church believe that the pre-tribulation, pre-millinneum viewpoint is the only possible interpretation.

George Kresse

Morris, Illinois


Thank you for giving a post-millennialist the chance to counter Left Behind. Gary DeMar is right about the destructive, passive, escapist mentality of the church. When I was a teen-ager all I had ever heard was dispensationalist fiction garbed as truth. We have a responsibility to preach the gospel, not to sell tickets.

Leah Dean

Rome, Georgia


You didn't give much ink to the view that this mass deception is leading millions, who rarely read their Bibles, to form an escatology based on fiction. If LaHaye and Jenkins are wrong, millions are set up for disappointment, which will invariably lead many away from faith.

Rick David

Iowa City, Iowa



The Faith of Al Gore

I was disappointed that for your November cover story ("The Faith of George W. Bush" by J. Lee Grady) you didn't try harder to get an interview with Al Gore. For many years his wife, Tipper, faithfully attended Terry Fullam's weekly Bible study for congressional wives. It was during this time that she and a very close friend, the wife of then Secretary of State James Baker, were crusading to get record companies to label music with lyrics inappropriate for children and teens.

name and city withheld



The Black Holocaust

Thank you for the report on our country's history of lynching black people ("The History America Chose to Forget" by Valerie G. Lowe, November). I was overjoyed to see this article because it showed me that the Christian community is speaking out about it.

I used to hear stories from older family members about how common it was for them to see African Americans hanging from trees. Thank you for recognizing that the "Black Holocaust" was a reality.

D. Usher

Sherman Oaks, California


I was shocked and sickened when I came across this report. I couldn't get past the pictures to read the article. And unfortunately, some will think that repenting of their forefathers' atrocities eradicates the fact that they still won't sit by a black person in church.

Unless you are black, you will never understand fully the effect racism has on us. It would be like you trying to explain to me what a good marriage is if all I've ever experienced is the brutality of a bad one. You can give me the concept, but I will never fully appreciate what you are trying to explain to me because I haven't been there.

Frances James

Allen, Texas


Your article on lynching will only promote hatred. Bringing up the past from 100 to 150 years ago can do nothing to bring the races together and help them live and work together in peace.

Don Stuva

Osceola, Iowa


My heart broke when I saw the pictures of blacks being lynched. I was reminded of the sinful people we used to be and still are. I am saddened to see photos of white people and their kids standing around enjoying a lynching. Lord, forgive us for mistreating our brothers and sisters.

name and city withheld


I was driven to my knees in prayer and tears when I read this article. I see my Lord Jesus hanging from a tree with the world rejoicing, similar to the photo you printed of a smile on a young girl's face as she enjoyed a lynching. God, please accept Your Son's death on the cross as atonement for these horrible injustices.

Ed Hanks

Fairbanks, Alaska


I would like to commend you on an outstanding article on lynching. People do not want to talk about this subject. They love to talk about the Jewish Holocaust and other tragedies, but when it comes to the killing of blacks, it is swept under the rug.

Andrelle Perry

Irving, Texas


Charisma is a superb publication. Yet I wonder, why the exhibit of horrible photos? Viewing these photos makes it hard for people to forget the horror suffered.

Eva D. Little

Soperton, Georgia

I'm sure I'm one of many who were outraged by your dredging up the ugly past when Negroes were treated as less than human by a perverted segment of American society. Do you really think these pictures justify your good intentions to promote reconciliation? I think not. It stirs up bitter memories that are better left in the garbage heap.

John Yenne

Long Beach, California


Correction: In a report on the spiritual awakening among students at BIOLA University (December), we incorrectly stated that BIOLA is the only Christian institution that is both a fully accredited university and fully accredited Bible school. There are others, including Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie, Texas, which is fully accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools as well as the Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges. We regret the error.

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