The Organic God
By Margaret Feinberg, Zondervan, hardcover, 224 pages, $16.99.

Margaret Feinberg has a knack for winning her readers over with her authenticity. In The Organic God, Feinberg gives us the opportunity to peel back the layers of notions that man has about God, and she releases a picture of God in His purest, most organic form. She looks at the fundamental driving forces of who God is, examines the heart of God and demonstrates the amazing passion with which He pursues us based on these characteristics. This book is like looking into Feinberg's journal as she illustrates the beauty of God through her own personal stories and experiences. You will walk away from this book refreshed after discovering that God's relationship with you isn't as complex as you've made it out to be, and the depth of His character and love is staggering.
Rob Duford


What Happens When Women Say Yes to God
By Lysa TerKeurst, Harvest House Publishers, softcover, 160 pages, $9.99.

Seeking to answer the question, "What happens when women say yes to God," Lysa TerKeurst, president of Proverbs 31 Ministries and national radio show co-host, explains how her life changed by simply obeying God and giving her Bible to a stranger on a plane. Saying "yes" to God, or radical obedience, brings a depth to your relationship with God that comes no other way. This book includes Bible study activities at the end of each chapter to help readers explore how to apply the concepts in their lives. TerKeurst's book is a valuable read for women who want to deepen their relationships with Christ.
Tracee N. Mason

A Woman's Path to True Significance
By Beverly LaHaye and Janice Crouse,
Harvest House Publishers, softcover, 299 pages, $12.99.

In A Woman's Path to True Significance, speaker Beverly LaHaye and university professor Janice Crouse team up to celebrate women who have endured trials and tragedies through the power of Christ. Through practical teaching and vivid storytelling, LaHaye and Crouse illustrate lessons on how to have courage when life falls apart. The book's central message is that God cares about the smallest details of our lives and will help us in hard times. The book deals with how to develop fortitude, wisdom, boldness, obedience and endurance through the lives of unlikely role models of women from the Bible, such as the prostitute Rahab and the widow Tamar, who purposefully slept with her father-in-law. Readers who are looking for hope in their day of disaster will be encouraged.
Tracee N. Mason

Transforming the Inner Man
By John Loren Sandford and Paula Sandford,
Charisma House, softcover, 240 pages, $14.99.

John Loren and Paula Sanford, best-selling authors and speakers known for their inner-healing ministry, hold the biblical position that mankind's maladies originate with sin. They emphasize that applying God's treatment for sin—the death and resurrection of Jesus—is the only way to help individuals attain wholeness. With a solid scriptural foundation, the authors explain that the first step to transformation is accepting God's forgiveness, and the second is a repeated putting to death of the fleshly nature. The counselors point out the folly of negating God's law in order to lessen guilt, and instead call readers to embrace it as the standard of love, recognizing that God uses guilt to steer His children in the right direction. Transforming the Inner Man is a refreshing, life-giving read that will build believers' personal maturity and enable them to be better counselors to others.
Deborah L. Delk

Roll Away Your Stone
By Dutch Sheets, Bethany House, hardcover, 192 pages, $19.99.

In Roll Away Your Stone: Living in the Power of the Risen Christ, Dutch Sheets provides an action plan—five steps to spiritual victory: (1) believing in Christ's sacrificial work on the cross; (2) abiding in God's Word; (3) knowing the truth; (4) claiming release and spiritual freedom; and (5) persevering until life's end. This book is not only about knowing who Christ is or knowing who you are in Him but also about taking that knowledge, applying it to your life and living as if it is true. This is Sheets' life message. He presents it not for you to gain head knowledge but so you can acquire an applied faith that frees you and works as a radical, permanent solution to bringing to life the dead places in your spirit.
Jevon Bolden

How to Overcome Fear and Live Your Life to the Fullest
By Marcos Witt, Atria Books, hardcover, 224 pages, $23.

Writing a "how to" book on overcoming fear can be an intimidating task itself. So how does Marcos Witt approach the challenge? With straightforward honesty, well-known but effective Bible stories and candid personal anecdotes. In How to Overcome Fear, Witt, a senior pastor at Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church and Latin Grammy Award winner, provides insights into various types of fear, such as phobias, panic attacks, rejection, failure and criticism. He then gives solid practical advice for defeating them through knowledge, lifestyle changes and depending on God's strength. Witt explains that many fears are grounded in past events, but God's perfect love will overcome any fear and free the believer to live a victorious future. Witt closes by examining the one fear that needs to be cultivated in every Christian's life—the fear of God.
Jeff Friend


Sharecropper's Seed
By Nicole C. Mullen, Word Records.

This new offering from Nicole C. Mullen is a journey through some of the most beautiful passages in Scripture. A Sharecropper's Seed is peaceful, determined and full of conviction. Songs such as "Convinced" and "Under the Shadow" are delivered with the divinely inspired words of the psalmist David and the apostle Paul. Mullen has invited listeners in with songs of love and vulnerability to God almighty. Songs such as "When I Grow Up," "Fall on You" and "Baby Love," remind us that we are to come to God as innocent and dependent as little children. A Sharecropper's Seed is bright, carefree and airy—a fragrant and fresh aid to worshiping God.
Jevon Bolden

When Women Worship
By Mary Alessi & friends, Miami Life Sounds Records.

Mary Alessi recruited friends Cindy Cruse Ratcliff, Amie Dockery, Ingrid Rosario, Nicole Binion and Da'dra Crawford Greathouse, and twin sister Martha Munizzi for a live worship experience. When Women Worship features mostly a mellow gospel feel with two inspiring sermon interludes by Dockery, "The King Is Enthralled With Your Beauty" and "Decorating Nations (Conceiving the Impossible)." The project is a cohesive mix, with various singers of similar ability and style taking turns at lead and the group worshiping together on songs such as the stirring gospel ballad "Overshadow Me," the delicate "Always Welcome" and a grand gospel version of Michael W. Smith's "Agnus Dei" closing out the session. Although recorded live with an audience, the disc manages to capture and project a personal worship feel, using a more relaxed musical pace, simple production and spoken personal challenges.
Dewayne Hamby

The Blessing
By John Waller, Beach Street.

For the astute Chris­tian music fan, the first listen to John Wal­ler's voice will sound strangely familiar. That's because before his foray into worship leading and a solo career, he was the front man for pop-rock band According to John. Now more than ever, Waller seems to have found his voice in an ever-growing population of worship-driven artists. He uniquely incorporates biblical metaphors on songs such as "Calling for a Flood" and takes Scripture-based songs to a new level of creativity on tracks such as "The Blessing," which also features Casting Crowns lead singer Mark Hall. Waller's mix of acoustic, electric and orchestral instrumentation along with his strong melodies and equally strong tenor voice make for a captivating and above-average debut.
Chad Bonham

By Hillsong, Integrity Music.

Three thousand kids worship God ostentatiously in this latest live worship CD from Hillsong Kids. Supernatural: Kids Live Worship is loud, energetic and passionate about kids all out for God. There is no denying that "out of the mouths of babes" comes some of the highest praise. Songs such as "On the March" prepare kids for the many battles they have at school, with their peers and within themselves. They can memorize the different pieces of armor and know to put it on when faced with difficult situations. Other popular worship songs appear on this CD, including "Not Forgotten" by Israel and the New Breed, "Better Than Life" and "Everyday." This is a great musical package any kid would love to hear over and over again!
Jevon Bolden

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