Christmas Compassion

Thank you for the December issue that featured several "unsung heroes." For too long it seemed that charismatic ministries were unmoved by James 2:15-16, which calls us to care for people less fortunate. We seemed to have an overabundance of prophetic and healing ministries but few people who took care of people's physical needs.

I believe the really big move of the Holy Spirit will be in this area--taking our passion for prayer and moving it into works. There are tons of people in the United States who need decent housing, food, literacy training and medical care. I pray the Holy Spirit will awaken your readers to the power of ministering to people's needs.
Jim Zeirke
Sussex, Wisconsin

Get the Word Out!

Thank you for your timely article on gospel tracts ("God Is in the Small Print," by Julian Lukins, November). Tracts are profoundly useful in India. Last year, with a distribution of 40 million tracts in 16 languages, our volunteer distributors were instrumental in 54,394 decisions for Christ.

Most Americans have never read a clear presentation of the gospel. Tracts can touch that need because they are brief and to the point. If any of your readers would like to try using tracts, they can request a free sample from The Tract League at www.tractleague.com.
Calvin Hekman, director
The Tract League
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Smart Pentecostals

I object to the opening paragraph in your profile of college president Mark Rutland, ("Renaissance Man," by Natalie Nichols Gillespie, November). It says Pentecostals are often considered "all emotion and no intellect." I would expect negative stereotypes like that from the secular media but certainly not from Charisma.

Pentecostals have come a long way from the days when many preachers were uneducated. But even in those days they had a love for Jesus that changed the world. Lately, it seems, many pastors and preachers have made an idol of their degrees and some seem more interested in worldly acceptance than in following God's Spirit.
Virginia Spence
Buffalo, New York

Thanks for the article about college president Mark Rutland. I've read his books Dream and Nevertheless, and they are filled with eternal substance. Thank God for Mark Rutland.
Nancy E. Randolph
Lubbock, Texas

Divided by Politics

I am writing to express my heartfelt disappointment in the American people for re-electing President Bush. My ultimate concern is that Americans did not really re-elect him. His party comrades who have evil motives did. Elections in the United States are no longer free and fair.

I am also disappointed with preachers such as John Hagee, who campaigned for George W. Bush on TBN. I think preachers should concentrate on the gospel and keep their political opinions to themselves. The Bible is the Word of God, and men should be careful how they interpret it.
Michael Brian Odiakosa
Powder Springs, Georgia

I have never been so blown away by the totally opposite opinions Christians have on various issues. Are we serving the same God? Are we even reading the same Bible? Is there anyone, anywhere celebrating the fact that there is freedom in Iraq to preach the saving grace of Jesus Christ?

Christians have become like the proverbial frog in a pot of water. And it's getting hotter.
Terri Reseck
Reno, Nevada

Those who continue to defend or oppose the faith of President Bush are missing the big picture. This election has been extremely divisive, and we must not forget the commandment to love one another in spite of differences and faults. None of us can judge another person's relationship with God.
Tracey Brooks
High Point, North Carolina

The diversity of opinions expressed by readers of your magazine amaze me. The differences are quite disheartening.

Let's stop fighting among ourselves about questionable things. Christians everywhere are waging a spiritual war against the spread of immorality and lawlessness. However, we must not lose sight of our true enemy. For Jesus Himself said a house divided against itself cannot prosper.

Let's unite in what we know is proper for every Christian: prayer, fasting and praising God. No true Christian can argue about that.
Stephen Payne
Houston, Texas

It is time to lift Jesus up and leave the politics out. I know Jesus is sick of all the debates about everything but Him.
Margaret Fassett
Lake City, Florida

It seems that all large Christian organizations pushed President Bush in the last election. I am a black female and have walked with the Lord for 26 years. I must say that I am disappointed.

I felt that black Christian leaders let the African American community down during this election. I respect President Bush, but I think there were issues that the black Christian leadership did not address, such as health care, jobs and the war in Iraq.

What did Bush ever say during his campaign about helping the poor and disadvantaged? I am glad he is against abortion--but there is more to leading this nation than taking a stand on that one issue.
Michelle Pierce
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

All Christians should rejoice that a man who seeks God's face has been re-elected. However, I am saddened that only 11 percent of African Americans voted for the man who advocates positions that are biblical, as opposed to the 89 percent who voted for a man who voted many times against a ban on partial-birth abortion.

I have no doubt that a large percentage of the African Americans who voted for Kerry love the Lord, are saved and live godly lives. Leaders such as Jesse Jackson have cajoled people into putting more trust in the government, affirmative action and the Democratic Party than in God.
Alan Vivre
Chicago, Illinois

God showed us how good He is by giving us four more years of President Bush. Many Christians around the world were praying and fasting for this election. God answered our prayers!
Lois Miller
Ashton, South Dakota

I am amazed by the way some of your readers criticized George W. Bush in their letters to the editor. They revealed how little attention people pay to history. From even a cursory reading of the last 80 years or so, anyone would surely see that the rise of militant Islam is the greatest threat this world faces.

We must support our strong and principled leaders such as Bush and Tony Blair here in England. They have the courage to stand for their convictions.
Stephen Wright
London, United Kingdom

I am 15 and I believe firmly in the Word of God. I thank Charisma for standing up for Bible-believing Christians. God is not a Democrat or a Republican. He is God, the Author of morality!

If Christians who bash President Bush would pick up their Bibles, dust them off and read them, they would find that it matters if homosexuals marry! And it matters if little innocent babies are killed!
name withheld

Some of your readers' opinions of our president and the war in Iraq show a lack of understanding of God's ways. Evil must be fought, whether in our own lives or in our country. We should be thankful we have a president who is a Christian and prays daily.
Nancy Angove
Centralia, Washington

Until President Bush and members of Congress send their Ivy League children to the war in Iraq, I'd rather not hear how important the war is to national security. Tragically, as in so many wars before, middle- and lower-class Americans are fighting and dying while the rich get richer through war and reconstruction enterprises.
George S. Kulas
Sergeant Major, U.S. Army (Ret.)
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

I do not know when you decided to become a political magazine, but I feel that you crossed the line when you published a book about our president's faith.

You pretty much had a financial interest in him becoming re-elected and it showed. Because of your political stance, I have lost faith in your ability to cover anything impartially.
Daniel Knight
Lawrence, Kansas

A reader from Tucson wrote, "Please, please, let's keep Charisma nonpolitical." Yet did you know the Bible is full of politics?

God desires the authority of all countries to be a mirror image of spiritual authority from heaven. The war in Iraq is a spiritual conflict. A man with the heart of King David has been placed in the White House for such a time as this!
Marjorie Sciortino
Surprise, Arizona

Informed Intercession

Thanks very much for your first-rate article on Kosovo ("In War's Aftermath," by Tomas Dixon, November). Articles such as this one help me form my foreign policy and inspire me to pray.
Cal Fullerton
Newport, New Hampshire

The TBN Flap

I was very sad and disappointed to read that Paul Crouch of the Trinity Broadcasting Network paid $450,000 to keep an accuser quiet ("Let's Support Paul Crouch," by Stephen Strang, November).

I'm a pastor in Mexico. Do you know how many years that amount of money could have supported a Mexican pastor with the small salary I earn? Sixty years!
name withheld

I agree that we should pray for Mr. Crouch. But the first thing I would recommend to him is that both he and his wife step down from TBN. There is something really wrong when all they seem to be looking to accomplish is to continue to raise money. It is offensive.
Owen Allen
Metairie, Lousiana

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