God and the Ballot Box

Your articles about the election ("The 2004 Choice," October) were very disturbing to me, and I am sure they are deceiving many people to vote for President Bush. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil.
Ina M. Rudd
Selma, Oregon

To the people who attack Bush in every issue of Charisma, I am a young Canadian woman who has had to watch the morality of my nation get flushed down the toilet each day.

We cannot say a word against homosexuality in Canada. Partial-birth abortions are legal. Homosexual marriage is being accepted across my nation. People I know would love to have the moral, God-fearing leader America has.
Melanie Child
Red Deer, Canada

Many have died, and are still dying, in Iraq just so that the United States could take power from one small man, Saddam Hussein. Weapons of mass destruction have yet to be found there, but we see the devastation of genocide. Yet we offer only humanitarian aid.

How do we ignore our national debt of more than $7 trillion? There is more to the election than same-sex marriage.
Janice Brice
Katy, Texas

I want to congratulate Stephen Strang for his courage in openly endorsing President Bush for re-election. It may cost you some subscribers, but if there has ever been a time for Christians to take a stand, it is now. Of course the president is not perfect, but when it comes to Christian principles he beats his rival.
Karl E. Pongs
Corona, California

In reference to Charisma's endorsement of President Bush, Stephen Strang needs to re-read the Bible! Greed is just as sinful as homosexuality. Strang's perspective is humanistic, at best--not Christian! Your blindness is upper-middle class bias.
Jim Craft
Bloomington, Minnesota

The October issue on the election was irresponsible, biased and unbalanced. Neither political party is above reproach. I am sad you would make this election about gay marriage, abortion and stem cell research when none of these will ever be decided by the man sitting in the White House.

Please return to your first call, Spirit-led living. You are no good at dealing with politics.
Rev. LaJuana D. Caldwell
Bowie, Maryland

Thank you for speaking the truth about what our nation is facing! Your magazine is the best-written material that comes into our house. Though we receive other publications, most of them go unread and will not be renewed.
Martha Simmons
Kennesaw, Georgia

I must say that Hank Kunneman's article on the election ("America's Most Crucial Hour") was interesting and prophetic. If the church were praying and seeking God about the election we would definitely be hearing the same thing in the Spirit. Whatever happened to discernment? Let's stop voting for parties and vote for people.
Katherine P. Young
Shreveport, Louisiana

I'm a Christian who happens to be a Democrat. I was very disturbed by and didn't agree with most of Hank Kunneman's article, in which he implies that God is siding with President Bush.

I am confused about why--when we are killing innocent human beings in Iraq. Bush's views are helping the rich and not the poor or the middle class. I couldn't live with myself if I voted for someone who believes in not helping the helpless.
name withheld

I appreciated Hank Kunneman's perspective on the election. It is true and exactly what Christians needed to hear. This might change some people's minds about Bush. Thank you for publishing enlightening articles about Bush, especially since you seem to have so many objectors.
Sarah Cain
Colorado Springs, Colorado

A big thank you for going against the grain in your special election issue. Publishing these articles is sure to be controversial, although I still don't understand why.

I'm unsure why anyone would be against a president who opposes the murder of unborn children and same-sex marriage. Last time I checked, so was God.
Mark A. Skiles
Knoxville, Tennessee

I work for a Catholic diocese, and we've received calls regarding Christianity and voter choice. One senior citizen called to find out if it is true that she would go to hell if she didn't vote for Bush. Other Christians influenced this thinking.

Is this what your magazine promotes? Christians are going overboard with this line of "vote for Bush if you are a real Christian." If you promote a particular ballot choice, base it on the candidates' performance--not on how they represent Christ.
name withheld

I am not a Christian, but I have values and morals. It disturbs me that your magazine prints articles about gays and about who to vote for.

I am voting, but not for Bush! And why do you care if gays get married? If you want prayer and all that hocus-pocus you believe in, then preach it in your church or your home.
name withheld

With a failed policy on terrorism, Bush needed to divert America's focus from terrorists to defenseless Iraq. At the same time, Dick Cheney's company, Halliburton, lost billions in drilling operations and was on the verge of bankruptcy.

So they came up with an idea: Why not kill two birds with one stone--invade Iraq and give all the rebuilding and oil contracts to Halliburton. The Democrats would have been impeached had they done what Bush and Cheney have done.
name withheld

Our only hope for national security is to align ourselves with the international community against terrorism. Kerry and Edwards support such a view. Bush wants us to engage in dangerous diplomacy that supports his corporate buddies.

Such a policy is the greatest threat to our national security. We have the choice to stop it in November.
Lloyd T. Kelso
Gastonia, North Carolina

I wholeheartedly agree with your election article. To be truthful, I was ready to cancel my subscription to Charisma because I felt many of the comments in your Letters section were negative toward President Bush. I prayed for the truth to be printed, and I was elated when I read Hank Kunneman's article.
Lisa Mooradian
Hudson, Massachusetts

Faith in Uniform

Hallelujah! Thank you for your well-written article about our law enforcement professionals ("Faith in Uniform" by Peter K. Johnson, October). We need to praise God for the job well done by these brave men and women!

They stand in the gap for us against the forces of evil and darkness every day. This is a spiritual position! We need to pray for them daily.
Adrienne Miller, founder
Prayer for Police and Law Enforcement
Cary, North Carolina

Your article on Christian cops amazed me. I never thought about police officers being Christians. This gave me a new perspective on how I view the police.

They go through in one day what most people only face in a lifetime. I commend officers who are staying strong in their faith.
name withheld

Politics and The Black Church

In your report on black Christians and politics ("God and the Black Vote" by Adrienne S. Gaines and Valerie G. Lowe, October), the Rev. Frank M. Reid said: "If we don't wake up and see that there is no division between our social stance and our moral stance ... what might happen is the black church might become apolitical and not support either party." What sense does it make for either party to really court the black vote if it is going to go Democrat anyway?
Tom Powers
Corydon, Indiana

I pray your informative October issue wakes up the African American church. There are so many Christians who are saying they are going to vote for Kerry. I was beginning to think I was one of not enough Christians who were being led by the Spirit to vote according to God's principles.
name withheld

Can someone tell me why black churches welcome John Kerry into their churches? He supports the killing of babies, same-sex marriage and removing prayer from schools. Does the deception of thinking the Democratic Party will give you a free ride mean that much to you?
Betty Lemmon
Elliot City, Maryland

I was shocked to read the feature article by Adrienne S. Gaines and Valerie G. Lowe, as well as the column by Kimberly Daniels, on why some black Christians are choosing to vote for President Bush. I only regret it wasn't Tony Evans or T.D. Jakes who had chosen to carry this mantle. It is time to take a stand for what is right and accept the political, personal and financial fallout that may result.
Darren Goude
Lexington, South Carolina

More Clothes Lines

It's great that someone finally was bold enough to address this issue of modesty in the church ("Put On Some Clothes" by Valerie G. Lowe, August). Indecent dress styles are affecting youth everywhere. I am a youth leader in Nigeria. We direly need such articles to be available for Nigerian youth.
Rotimi Kehinde
Osun State, Nigeria

Thanks for your timely article on modesty. Though some may have been distracted from teaching modesty for fear of being labeled legalists, I sense a fresh wind of the Spirit calling us back to biblical principles.
Roy Barnhill
Lumberton, North Carolina

We, as Christians, should have standards that are holy in every way. We should not turn people away from church because of their clothes. But Christians should know better than to dress inappropriately.
Rev. Woodrow Steadman
Roebuck, South Carolina

What began as a decent article with promise of great hope and substance fizzled into fluff about letting children decide on the decency or indecency of their clothing. Modesty needs to be taught, not just caught. Our churches should be enforcing dress codes in our houses of worship.
Pamela Ford
Richmond, Virginia

Helping the Orphans

I was so moved by your article on the world's orphans ("Into the Arms of Love" by Mary Hutchinson, September).

I wanted to support the Golden Age Home in Kingston, Jamaica, with a financial donation, but your article did not give us an address where we could send contributions.

Please publish this information. I hope many more of your readers will support this and other orphanages.
Carol Brawer
Canton, Ohio

Editor's Note: You can send donations to the Golden Age Home in care of Christian Life Missions, P.O. Box 952248, Lake Mary, FL 32795-2248. If you would like to make a donation to any of the other orphanages mentioned in the article, you may do so through Christian Life Missions, which is supporting the works in Haiti, Latvia, Bulgaria and Kenya. Send your donations to "Arms of Love Fund."

Correction: In our news story "Christians Urged to Care for the Earth," (People & Events, September) we mistakenly identified Georgetown Gospel Chapel as Georgetown Community Chapel. Charisma regrets the error.

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