Go for It, CeCe!

The article on CeCe Winans was the most candid and refreshing article I've read about her ("Soul Sister" by Valerie G. Lowe, September). Her views on marriage are timely, especially because so many people in the church are hastily getting divorced.

Her willingness to stand for integrity and character is becoming increasingly rare among some Christians in the music industry. May the Lord continue to open doors for her to minister His Word.
Leonie Chandersingh
Orlando, Florida

More on Modesty

Thanks a million for the timely, well-written article on modesty! ("Put On Some Clothes!" by Valerie G. Lowe, August). It is sad to see women who claim to be born-again believers dressing like the models in worldly advertisements.

If you're not selling your body, don't advertise! We can't expect the world to rise above the filth if we are not living above it as Christians.
Vickie Payne
Pensacola, Florida

Your article was perfectly timed. My mom and I just went shopping to revamp my wardrobe. I have been backslidden and just started listening to the Holy Spirit about what to wear!
Amy Ellenwood
Adrian, Michigan

Why is it that people continue to use Janet Jackson's antics at the 2004 Super Bowl as an example of bad behavior? Before the Super Bowl incident, women in Hollywood were exposing their breasts and other body parts to the world.

Let's stop acting like it was the first time we had ever seen such indecency. Secular artists do not profess to be saved.
name withheld

Thanks for this article on modesty. It's about time! I am a pastor's wife and I've been grieved over the lack of sensitivity of some Christian women and their dress.

Let's show our love for God and for others by not tempting men with our attire. There are thousands of fashionable outfits that do not show cleavage and other body parts meant to be covered.
Marlene Daniels
Duncanville, Texas

Why do we have this problem with immodesty? Maybe one reason is that female evangelists who preach on Christian television are wearing skintight suits so short that when they sit down the skirts comes up to their thighs.

What can we expect from women in the church, especially young girls, when our leaders are setting this kind of example? Your article was long overdue.
Connie Davis
Seal Beach, California

Valerie Lowe's article was right on time. Jesus said that if a man looked on a woman to lust after her, then he had committed adultery in his heart. But what about the woman who dresses in a way to cause this? Is she just as guilty?
Alice Hale
Manchester, Tennessee

It is so important to teach our young women the importance of staying pure in the way they dress. We are sharing your article on modesty with friends and families with teenagers who are influenced daily by the world's fashion trends.
Jennifer and Aaron Schilpp
Appleton, Wisconsin

I was thrilled to see someone finally address the modesty problem. I hate that every time I go to church I brace myself for the onslaught of temptation thrown before my husband's eyes--by worship leaders and other women.

Is it any wonder adultery is rampant in the church? My women friends: Please loosen and lengthen your clothes. I respect your marriage enough to keep it modest. Please do the same for me.
name withheld

The Challenge of Autism

Thank you for the excellent article on Christians and autistic children ("Locked in Their Own World" by Deborah Marrie, July). I am a mother of an autistic 11-year-old boy. Even though I am a special education teacher and have been serving the Lord for seven years, I have yet to find articles or resources that have Christian views.
name withheld

Our son was diagnosed with autism when he was 2-1/2 years old. He is now a college senior with a 4.0 grade point average. We believe God heals to the uttermost. Our son is proof of that!

God used his condition to teach us many things about Himself. Not only did we experience the Father's heart and unconditional love, but we also saw that with God truly "nothing is impossible." If He can raise the dead, He can do anything!
Art and Ruth Whitfield
Deltona, Florida

A Big Fat Greek Dilemma

I am very upset with the general tone of your article on the evangelistic campaign targeting the Olympics ("My Big Fat Greek Outreach" by Tomas Dixon, August). Your article quotes an American living in Greece as saying that the Orthodox Church "requires close to nothing in terms of attendance or moral standards" and that young Greeks see no point in upsetting their parents by "leaving a church that doesn't ask anything of them."

To make mass generalizations about the Greek Orthodox Church is dangerous, especially to readers who are unfamiliar with it. The Orthodox Church in Greece may be different in practice (which I seriously doubt because many of my fellow parishioners are first-generation Greeks).

Even allowing for that, the basic tenants of the faith are not morally lax nor do they "ask nothing" of the faithful. Please be more careful in discussing churches other than your own.
Michele Driver
Dallas, Texas

Is It Getting Too Political in Here?

What a beautiful, insightful article on our president's Christian values and how they relate to his decisions ("Faith Under Fire," August). My mother died about a year ago, and I receive her mail now. Her subscription to Charisma has been a blessing. For the most part I am reading the issues almost cover to cover.
Jay Zablan
Honolulu, Hawaii

How can these Bush-bashers say they love the Lord when they don't listen to or follow the Word of God? Exodus 22:28 states that "you shall not curse God nor curse a ruler of your people." Christians, please read your Bibles, pray for your leaders and follow the Word of God--not your political party line!
Joseph J. Grickis
Hancock, Maine

Please, please, let's keep Charisma nonpolitical.
Frank Holder
Tucson, Arizona

Some of your readers have complained that Charisma has gotten too political. Well, thank God! We should not sit in our church pews and say nothing when a presidential candidate says he will bring back partial-birth abortion rights.
Dorothy Pimental
Lexington, South Carolina

Please stop including political interviews and editorials in your magazine. The last issue was almost the last straw for me. Reading another issue with President Bush on the cover and a pro-Bush editorial by J. Lee Grady was painful.

You forget that you are offending some longtime and loyal Charisma readers. I am a born-again Christian and a Democrat. The Democratic Party is one in which I see compassion for others.

And I absolutely cannot agree with anything George W. Bush has done as president. I rejoice that he is a brother in Christ, but that does not mean I must agree with him or support him.
name withheld

Please stop publishing letters from people who bash President Bush. These people cannot be Christians.
name withheld

I was totally offended by all the letters from people who bashed President Bush. I did not like Mr. Clinton as president, but I did not bash him for the things he did. God puts these men in office, and we are supposed to pray for them.
Christine DeOss
Edison, Nebraska

President Bush failed to answer a very direct question regarding Islam. He contends, falsely I believe, that Islam has been highjacked by some "extreme, radical people." He fails to answer the question of whether or not "there is ... within Islam ... something inherently evil that stands in the way of freedom?"

Read the Quran and you will clearly see that Islam has world domination as its goal, by whatever means necessary.
John Yenne
Huntington Beach, California

How can any thinking person who believes in biblical values vote for partial-birth abortion, same-sex marriage and activist judges who destroy religious freedom? A vote for John Kerry is in support of all these things. It is a vote against Bible teaching.
Esther Turnbull
Medford, Oregon

I am shocked to see Christians attacking their head of state by calling him deceitful and arrogant. It was my belief that Christians would be praying for their God-given president. My prayer is that he will be voted back into office.
Jacqui Lahley
Toronto, Ontario

Please keep defending our president. Maybe the "Bush whackers" will begin to really see the facts.
Leon and Carolyn Simms
Puyallup, Washington

I don't blindly support Bush because I'm a Republican Christian. However, I do strongly contend that given the choice between a strong, Bible-believing, God-fearing Christian in office and a wavering candidate, this election should be a no-brainer for Christians. If Christians allow Bush to lose, they have themselves to blame for the continued degradation of our society.
Linda Volland
Waldorf, Maryland

The letters criticizing President Bush grieved me. Are these people in favor of killing the unborn? Are they against the sanctity of marriage?

Our president is trying to bring morality back into the lost soul of our country, yet so many believe the lies the leftist media tell us. Christian media better be political, or soon there won't be any more free Christianity in our country.
Mary Trumpore
Jupiter, Florida

I read the letter written by a man questioning the mental capacity of those who would vote for Bush. Then I read another letter from the same person in the July issue. I have to wonder if those of us who read Charisma read from the same Bible.
Lee Oslund
Mackinaw City, Michigan

The Gay Debate

In his letter to the editor, a pro-homosexual pastor claimed that God "will have the last word" on whether practicing homosexuals can be saved (Letters, July). I would like to point out to this man that God has already had the last word.

In 1 Corinthians 6:9, the Bible says that homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God. The Bible says also in Revelation 21:8 that the sexually immoral shall have their part in the lake of fire. Isn't that plain enough?
Daniel V. Johnson
Pulaski, Virginia

I cannot imagine why anyone would write a negative letter to you on articles about homosexuality in your magazine. Thank you for presenting the subject in an unbiased way.
Marilyn Raudenbush
Millville, New Jersey

As born-again believers, many of us came to Christ after living sinful lifestyles of adultery, fornication, lying and more. To truly follow Jesus, we had to abandon these sins. What makes gay ministers think they are an exception to the laws of God? Sin is sin!
Saritza Smith
Brooklyn, New York

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