Hagee's Views Scrutinized

What a wonderful article about pastor John Hagee ("Big Faith in Texas," April). He is without a doubt a beacon of light in America--standing firm and never compromising the Word of God. Too many leaders today are bartering truth to get church members
L. Mabry
Maple Grove, Minnesota

As a Messianic believer, I was delighted to read about John Hagee. But I was stunned when I read that he does not believe Christians have a duty to evangelize Jews. I am confused by and disappointed with Mr. Hagee's views.

Don't be misled to think that Gentiles have no duty to evangelize Jewish people. If we don't share the gospel with them, we commit the ultimate act of anti-Semitism. Sarah Galiley
Fair Lawn, New Jersey

I am surprised at the space you gave John Hagee, who teaches that we don't have to evangelize Jews. He has changed the Great Commission. In Acts 1:8 Jesus charged His disciples to witness in Jerusalem and in all Judea. Acts 13:5 says Paul and Barnabas "proclaimed the word of God in the synagogues of the Jews."
Joseph L. Thomas
Edmond, Oklahoma

I was appalled to read that John Hagee "believes Christians have no duty to evangelize Jews." From my reading of Scripture, he is loving them into a Christless eternity.

Jesus said, "'I am the way, the truth, and the life and no one comes to the Father but by Me'" (John 14:6). He spoke those words to a group of Jews.

Peter stood before the Sanhedrin and declared, "For there is no other name given among men under heaven by which we must be saved" (Acts 4:12). There were no Gentiles in the Sanhedrin--only Jews. So then, Hagee seems to be in disagreement with both Jesus and the apostle Peter.

At the same time, in his reading of Romans 9-11, Hagee seems to blame his position on the apostle Paul. However it was that same Paul who said, "I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Gentile" (Rom. 1:16).

Hagee's application of Romans 9-11 is just plain wrong. All of us involved with Jews for Jesus are certainly grateful that the Gentile Christians who witnessed to us did not have Hagee's tragic misunderstanding of theology.

As a Jewish believer in Jesus, I would urge all Christians to do their duty and include their Jewish neighbors, co-workers and friends in their witness. It may not win them the approval of the Jewish community leaders but it will make Jesus smile.
David Brickner, executive director
Jews for Jesus
San Francisco, California

God and the Gay Agenda

Thank you for Lee Grady's editorial about the pro-gay agenda creeping into the church (First Word, April). We know the Scriptures teach that homosexuality is a sin against God. I hope Charisma will continue to take a strong stand for marriage between a man and a woman, as God intended it to be.

If same-sex marriage becomes legal in this country, I believe it will lead to persecution of true Bible-believing Christians.
Mickey Kern
Spearman, Texas

These leaders who are promoting a gay agenda among charismatics had their roots in Pentecostal denominations, but they felt "restricted" by authority structures. Guess what? They would no longer have ministerial papers if there were affiliated with the Assemblies of God.

Accountability and sound doctrine are important. Your articles continue to remind me why. God is using your editorials to bring biblical balance to the charismatic movement.
Rev. Jim Williams
Calvary Assembly of God
Elkhart, Indiana

You are correct when you say that Jesus is able to heal the homosexual. I was a practicing lesbian and was involved in a gay church. I can assure you that the whole book of Romans was ignored!

When I read James 4:2, I realized that the reason I was not free from that lifestyle was that I had never asked. When I prayed sincerely, the Lord set me free from an unnatural desire for women.
name withheld
Jacksonville, Florida

Time for Integrity

My heart was thrilled when I read the article about the Christian leaders who met in Orlando to discuss the need for integrity in the church (People & Events, April). Indeed it is time--way past time--for leaders to raise their voices about ethics and a renewed focus on winning the lost.

Accountability is a must. When I tune in to programs on a certain Christian TV station, I see "apostle this" and "prophet that" strutting around--adorned in chains, gold buttons and costumes. As long as this is promoted by true believers, people will reject the fivefold ministry because of confusion and dismay.

May the true leaders in the church seek God, remain humble and allow the Holy Spirit to use them to unmask the wolves who are among the sheep.
Shirley Jones
Amarillo, Texas

Christians and Face-Lifts

Why do so many Christian leaders feel they have to improve on what God has made? Most of the older preachers either wear wigs or they dye their hair--which looks ridiculous with their old looks. The women are worse. They not only dye their hair but also have face-lifts.

Why aren't they satisfied with the way God made them? This really turns me off. I think you should do an article about cosmetic surgery.
Carol O'Meara
Antigo, Wisconsin

Justice and Harry Jackson

Thank you for including the new column by Bishop Harry R. Jackson Jr. (A Capital View, April). How refreshing it was to read his call for justice for women in developing nations. It is rare that a brother would so boldly champion women's liberation in church and in culture.

Just the night before I read this article, I was telling my son that real men protect and provide for women and children instead of abusing them. Jackson has provided a wonderful role model.
Rev. Raedorah Stewart-Dodd
Pasadena, California

I agree that our president and his advisers need a lot of prayer, as Bishop Harry R. Jackson Jr. said in his column (February). I just didn't like the fact that Jackson insinuated that President Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

I believe there were weapons. We know that Saddam Hussein used them on his own people. Who's to say that these weapons were not buried in the barren desert or shipped out of the country? I resent the fact that Jackson is so quick to side with the liberal media.
Jane Lukensow
Fort Worth, Texas

Stop Bashing Bush

Charisma's readers have been so unkind to President Bush in their reactions to your recent cover story ("The Faith of George W. Bush" by Stephen Mansfield, October). I think President Bush is doing a good job.

I trust he will remember that even though Jesus was perfect, they crucified Him. People need to remember that the Holy Spirit lives in imperfect people.
D. Knouettel
Louisville, Kentucky

I don't understand how people who have no inside information, no evidence and no knowledge of how our government works feel they are qualified to judge our president. Especially Christian people who say that they believe the Bible! Be careful: You will be judged by the way you judge others.
name withheld

I have a message for all these so-called Christians who hate our fine president. We have two choices in this year's presidential election: President Bush, a Christian brother who is pro-life and pro-family, or a left-wing liberal, Sen. John Kerry.

Kerry is firmly supported by the gay lobby, and he believes homosexuality is a perfectly normal lifestyle. God calls it sin!
Randall Peters
Mesa, Arizona

I was surprised to read the negative letters in your March issue concerning the article on George W. Bush. I have a hard time believing that Christians are being so deceived by the media.

Why can't they see the godly humility and character that our president has? I would like to think that these letters were written by non-Christians.
Lori Brown
Newport, Washington

I am so thankful that President Bush has come out in favor of a constitutional amendment that states that marriage is between a man and a woman. Preserving marriage and the lives of unborn children are the two most important issues we face. I don't see how any Christian can make the economy the issue in the next election.
Ann Morrison
Knob Noster, Missouri

I feel compelled to write in response to all the positive and negative letters about our president. Many of the positive letters expressed support for the president--then they criticized those who "bashed" the president. We should lift up our Christian president in prayer.

But I wonder: Where were the prayers for President Clinton when he admitted his moral shortcomings? We are supposed to pray for our country and our leaders no matter what their political persuasion is.
Adrian M. Lapas
Goldsboro, North Carolina

You have turned Charisma into a political mouthpiece. Did you give Jimmy Carter the same write-up as you did Bush?

Bush is just another politician who puts re-election above all else. Intelligent people know he has been a disaster for the country.
Russell Watson
Birmingham, Alabama

George Bush has professed his Christianity and is not afraid to show his faith. But the minute he makes a mistake, we the public question him. He is as much a sinner as the rest of us, but I praise God that he is willing to speak for God.
Teresa Omlor
New Kensington, Pennsylvania

George W. Bush is trying to preserve traditional marriage so homosexuals won't run the country. I am 14 years old and I was disgusted by the way Christian people tore down our president in their letters.
Emily Hines
North Vernon, Indiana

An R-Rated Gospel

The Passion of the Christ was violent, but it showed us what Christ endured for us. We can't preach a crossless gospel.
George Mendoza
Raiford, Florida

It was sad to hear the criticism of Mel Gibson and his film. I have never been as touched by a movie. God could use this tool to reach the unreachable.
J. Crocker
Groves, Texas

I was raised Catholic and it was a sin to see an R-rated film. When I joined a Pentecostal church we were told not to go to R-rated movies. Now my pastors say we should see The Passion of the Christ.

I won't go. I already know God and I don't need to see Mel Gibson's version.
Ruth Anne Mariano
Metuchen, New Jersey

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