Something to Smile About?

The smiling Muslim girl on your January cover is a pretty image, but have you considered its impact? Christians are trying to reach Muslims in Afghanistan. What about the girl in the photograph? Is it possible she will face some type of retribution?

Missionaries tell us we need to be sensitive to those we are trying to reach. Isn't this cover insensitive?
John A. Young Shreveport, Louisiana

A Presidential Debate

The negative responses to your article on President Bush ("The Faith of George W. Bush," by Stephen Mansfield, October) were not fair. There were many more negative responses published. Also, I was deeply distressed to see the open hostility displayed toward a man whom we will spend eternity with.
Wayne Newcomb
Englewood, Colorado

It is a blessing to have a born-again Christian as our nation's president. I support him fully. However, it disturbed me to hear so many Christians tearing him down in their letters to the editor.

Whatever happened to following the commands in Romans 13:1 and 1 Timothy 2:2? Instead of complaining, Christians need to be lifting up President Bush in prayer.
Lisa Brubaker
Newport, Pennsylvania

You talk about George W. Bush's "Christianity." I shudder at the thought. Bush introduced a new morality in which it is OK to lie as long as the intentions are "noble."

Yes, Bush is a "religious" man. But what has he done to bring glory to Jesus? Why do Christians freely look past the lies, deception, arrogance and callousness to glorify this man?
Christopher Alam
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

I was grieved by all the negative letters about President Bush. You had one respectful response and three or four responses criticizing our president. I'm sure many responded in the positive.

President Bush is a born-again believer. We should honor those God puts in authority.
Roseann Kendigo
via e-mail

I am not renewing my subscription to Charisma. The final straw was the October issue, which featured the article on our "Christian" president. Don't you understand that every lying presidential candidate must feign Christianity in order to be elected?

Bush never renounced his involvement in the demonic Skull and Bones organization at Yale. We in the charismatic movement show a complete lack of discernment. Given the current level of discernment--led by your magazine--I fully expect the Antichrist to be elected by Christians.
Leo Kasid
Superior, Colorado

I am shocked that people who call themselves Christians would bash another Christian in the way they did in response to the article on President Bush. The negative letters did not seem to be written out of genuine concern for change but out of malice.
Batina Baker-Eklund
Douglas, Wyoming

To those who criticized President Bush for capturing Saddam Hussein, they need to realize there are evil people who need to be dealt with. Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Idi Amin and Pol Pot were evil men, too. It would be wonderful if they had been saved, but they rejected God and have gone into eternity to reap their reward. God has brought George W. Bush to the presidency for such a time as this.
Bob Woodward
Spring City, Tennessee

We finally have a president who is pro-life. He signed the bill to stop partial-birth abortion. He opened the way for social services to have access to federal funds and maintain biblical principles.

The Bush administration even negotiated with banks to assist low-income minority families to purchase homes. I know because I am an African American.

President Bush's Christian faith is under scrutiny because of the war. How do we know that God did not ordain this war? Christians need to seek God to see what He is saying and then say only that.
Dawn White
Dacula, Georgia

We are fortunate to have a Christian in the White House who prays daily and has a moral compass. Yet in the last two issues, there was severe criticism for President Bush. How has some of our own Christian community swallowed such lies about our wonderful leader?
Dottie Pimental
via e-mail

It is amazing that your pious readers would question the Christianity, morals and ethics of our president. If they dislike the president this much, it would be safe to assume they would advocate voting for a candidate who promotes abortion. If you can go into a voting booth and pull a lever for a candidate that supports abortion, then perhaps we should question your Christianity!
Lee Brown
Evansville, Indiana

For two issues, thousands of Charisma subscribers have had to endure a diatribe of insulting letters from people who hate the idea that God is using George W. Bush at this time in human history. In both issues, only two readers wrote favorably. Interestingly, one was a Nigerian American, a man who values the kind of freedom Bush is trying to protect for all Americans.
Rev. Chip Hill
Monterey, Virginia

President Bush makes an easy target for criticism from those who would promote a socialist agenda. Claiming that a certified election has been stolen smacks of sour grapes.
Scott Wells
Brunswick, Georgia

The people in our weekly prayer group were shocked to read the letters about President George W. Bush. The tone was hateful rather than loving.

We believe God put Bush in office. Instead of criticizing, why aren't these people praying for him? We pray for President Bush, his family and the Clintons. It seems to me that those who call themselves Christian believe what they want whether it is truth or fiction.
Susan LaFave
Saginaw, Michigan

President Bush is a godsend and the leader of the United States. His job is to run the country efficiently, not to make all the Christians feel warm and fuzzy. Even if we're not fully convinced of his Christianity, let's at least support his stand instead of knocking down a good president.
Sarah Behnke
via e-mail

The letters bashing Bush seemed childish. Keep in mind that the Bush administration has more minorities in high places. Also, the time in history to rid the world of terrorists is now, not after they take over and our children are faced with a task on a scale we can't even imagine.
Al Eadon
Lexington, South Carolina

I disagree with the negative comments made about our president. I think God has answered the prayers of many Americans and given this country a "righteous king."

I thank God for allowing us to have a leader who makes decisions after consulting godly men and Scripture. There are many, many readers of Charisma who trust the Jesus who is working in George W. Bush.
Mary Ann Seman
St. Marys, Georgia

Some of the letters to the editor were the worst I have ever read about President Bush. Even those in Newsweek are not that bad. As Christians, we are taught to pray, not condemn leaders or doubt their salvation.

As a Christian, I have never felt so thrilled as to have a president who is not ashamed of his faith no matter what criticism or condemnation he has to endure.
name withheld

I was saddened to read the letters written by your subscribers about President Bush. God's kingdom has politicians, judges, police officers, lawbreakers, law abiders, poor and rich. God needs all. I do not agree with all of Bush's decisions, but that's how life is.
Willie Benedict
Hot Springs, South Dakota

When we read the letters to the editor in the December issue, we thought for a minute that we had picked up some secular magazine. We never thought we would read so many venom-filled letters about President Bush and his faith in the Lord in your magazine--and they were written by people who call themselves Christians!
Bill and Cindy Lyon
Pensacola, Florida

I was stunned to read the negative letters regarding the article on President Bush. One letter-writer called him "pure evil," while another suggested he couldn't care less about the poor or minorities. Yet another called him a liar.

These people frighten me to my core. Every day I wake up and thank God that George W. Bush is my president.
Shelli Dillman
Modesto, California

Editor's note: The letters we publish each month accurately reflect the responses we receive. After our cover story in October, almost 100 percent of the letters we received in the first four weeks were negative. But after we published those letters, our readers responded with overwhelmingly positive comments.

Wowed by the Ordinary

I have read your magazine off and on for many years. Your December issue is by far the best I have read. It did nothing but inspire and cause rejoicing to see how God is using ordinary people all over the country to spread His love.

To see Manny Alvarez going strong for the Lord at age 76 is refreshing in our age of worrying about retirement. I cannot say thank you enough for highlighting these ministries. Maybe after reading about these self-sacrificing folk more of us will be obedient to our calls.
Katie Cunningham
Kotzebue, Alaska

It is so good to read about real people doing real ministry. I read each article in December with intense appreciation for the people involved. My prayer is that more of us will get active in ministry that counts.
Rev. Richard L. Shelton
Riverside Tabernacle Church of God
Fort Gratiot, Michigan

I was profoundly affected by the "unsung heroes" who minister to others without recognition or fanfare. These folks are what Christianity in action is all about. With more stories about unselfish servants, I'll happily renew my gift subscription!
Candace Horch
Woodinville, Washington

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