Our Unsung Heroes

I am so grateful that you decided to publish the stories of faithful believers who are living out a personal call to be Jesus to their world (December). These people are unsung heroes.

I can't help but believe that when everyone takes a seat in heaven, Jesus will walk to the back of the room and have everyone turn their chairs around. Indeed, the first shall be last and the last shall be first.
Dennis L. Nice
McMinnville, Oregon

In your December issue I read stories of true saints who are getting their hands dirty for Jesus! I found Asian sisters taking the gospel to dangerous neighborhoods in New York City and a 76-year-old ex-drug addict rebuilding lives on the streets of Miami.

I read about a hard-working mom in Idaho who grows produce to feed poor families. I found a retired Air Force veteran who cares about people in prison.

What I found was Matthew 25: 37-40 manifested here on Earth. Jesus will say to these people: "To the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me" (v. 40, NASB).
Rev. Rene De La Cruz
Faith Community Church
Victorville, California

In Defense of The President

As I read the many negative reactions to your cover story about President Bush (October), my amazement moved to shock. President Bush doesn't just carry his Bible to church, he reads it and believes it, and he has surrounded himself with like-minded advisers. Millions like me pray daily for him as he deals with a world gone mad.
Jan Ekholm
San Antonio, Texas

I could hardly believe Christians would refer to President Bush as a liar, a murderer or an unrepentant person. Someone even suggested Bill Clinton is a "better" Christian! These letters were not written from a Christian point of view. They were from angry Democrats who have nothing better to do than bash our president.
Matt Langley
West Covina, California

I remember reading it was in church during a sermon that President Bush's mother told him the sermon was for him. It was what moved him to consider running for the presidency. I do believe he has a calling to fulfill. I support and pray for the president and thank God for him.
Bev Weddle
Independence, Missouri

I was surprised to read all the negative letters about the article on George W. Bush. It's obvious people are listening to the very biased news media. Bush is a man of godly character who was surely put in his position by God.
Debra Gaff
Indianapolis, Indiana

One of your readers accused President Bush of "stealing the election." Such a reckless comment needs a response.

Florida law required that votes be certified by Secretary of State Katherine Harris. After the election, the Florida Supreme Court (at the urging of the Gore campaign) changed the law by extending the deadline. This was a violation not only of state law but also of the Constitution, which gives state legislators, not the judiciary, authority to choose electors.

Between November 7 and December 12, 2000, many rulings were issued and numerous recounts were conducted. Nothing changed the fact that Florida's 25 electoral votes belonged to George W. Bush. In an effort to take them away, the Gore campaign resorted to measures that were ruled unconstitutional by seven justices of the U.S. Supreme Court.
Patrick Nelson
Greenville, North Carolina

The body of Christ in America is truly in sad shape when six out of seven people who responded to the article on Bush's faith felt they had to criticize him.
Joe Clem
Mount Juliet, Tennessee

Thank you for printing the article on President Bush. He is doing the best job he can. He is a much stronger Christian than Mr. Clinton was. Americans need to get their priorities in focus.
Susan James
Mentor, Ohio

I find it disconcerting that so many people have called our president a liar, a fraud and an election-stealer. Some have even questioned his faith. How can people who are supposed to know the difference between right and wrong question the validity of the U.S. intervention in Iraq?
Tim Cushen
Fort Payne, Alabama

The anger and hatred coming from Christians in response to your story about President Bush shocked me. Doesn't the Bible say God sovereignly places leaders and rulers over us? If that is true, how could Bush steal the election?
Nancy Thomas
Ocala, Florida

I was discouraged by all the comments from Christian people who are demoralizing our president. Bush is not perfect, but how can anyone say Bill Clinton is a better Christian? Lord, have mercy on the person who wrote that.
Jerry Crosley
Oakfield, New York

When I look at George W. Bush I see humility, integrity and conviction. You may not agree with the war in Iraq, but Bush knew this war was necessary to fight off the evil of terrorism.

You can accuse him of lying about weapons of mass destruction all you want, but you had better accuse the United Nations inspectors of lying about them when they were kicked out of Iraq in 1998. And you should accuse Bill Clinton of lying about them when he warned of Saddam Hussein's weapons.

If you disagree with Bush's ideologies, don't vote for him in 2004. But to call him "evil," as a few readers of Charisma did, brings shame to the church.
Dr. Paul Watson
Spring, Texas

It was appropriate for President Bush's picture to be on the cover of Charisma. He is holding back dark forces that would completely eliminate God from our society. Thank God we have a president who publicly acknowledges his faith and dependence on God.
Rex Willcox,
Longview, Texas

People are accusing the president of stealing an election, deceiving the American people and not caring about the poor or minorities. I hope these critics will pray for the president with the same passion with which they wrote these hurtful words.
Rich Hennessy
Franklin Park, New Jersey

Bush isn't perfect, but he believes in traditional values. A president makes judicial appointments, and with Bush in office we are more likely to get judges who abide by the Constitution and support moral values.
Carl W. Woody
Fountain Inn, South Carolina

The majority of the responses to the articles on President Bush and Juanita Bynum were complaints. Where is the honor my Bible demands for leaders?
Gary Amstutz
Orrville, Ohio

... And One Vote Against Bush

In your October issue you claimed that President Bush has found God. Has his family found God?

Both of his daughters have been arrested for consumption of alcoholic beverages. And his wife, who is a Methodist, told Good Morning America that she has read all of the Harry Potter books! These books teach sorcery and witchcraft!

All politicians get religious near election time. But normally if a man is a Christian, so is his family. Wake up, Charisma!
William Criger
Moorestown, New Jersey

From a Wounded Pastor

I was greatly encouraged by David Cannistraci's article, "Your Pastor Is Under Attack" (October). Since 2001 my family and I have come under attack in two churches. I was forced out of one church by two deacons. We ended up in an independent church outside the denomination I served for more than 20 years.

As a result of our year "off," we had to file for bankruptcy. I completely depleted my retirement program. We lived a week away from being homeless.

God's blessings have been supernatural, and we praise Him for His faithfulness. But I must confess that I have fought the desire to take my own life.

Why am I writing this? I feel that I represent thousands of pastors who face opposition and disrespect. Perhaps you could publish information about various ministries that are designed to help wounded pastors.
name withheld

Be Blessed, Juanita

Because I attended Juanita Bynum's wedding and have had the pleasure of meeting her, I was outraged by the readers who wrote judgmental responses to your article. Prophetess Bynum has sacrificed much in order to bless the lives of others.
W. Alston
Jamaica, New York

Those who criticize Juanita Bynum for having a lavish wedding were not there to assist her when she was homeless on the street and suffering from a nervous breakdown. I wasn't there, but I know what that kind of suffering is like. So I do not begrudge her long-awaited wedding.
name withheld

For those who had something to say about the money Juanita Bynum spent on her wedding, I would like to ask: Since you think she should have taken that money and used it to bless others, who are you blessing with what God has given you?
Ronald Teague
Norfolk, Virginia

I love Juanita Bynum's ministry. If she wants a big wedding, she doesn't have to answer to me. To the person from Wisconsin who brought up Matthew 23:7-10, suggesting that we should never use titles: Maybe he should read Ephesians 4:11-12, which says God gave us apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. Would you refer to your pastor by his first name?
name withheld

Correction: In our October cover story on President Bush ("How Bush Found God," by Stephen Mansfield), we failed to identify the author of two short, related articles. Washington, D.C.-based reporter Mercedes Tira Andrei wrote "Saturated in Prayer" and "Thunder on the Right." Charisma regrets the error.

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