The Faith of a President

Finally we have a president who tries to walk the Christian walk ("How Bush Found God," by Stephen Mansfield, October). Republicans may not be perfect, but the Democrats support abortion. Which party to vote for should be a no-brainer for a Christian!
Marilyn W. Lathrop
Hagerman, New Mexico

I'm very upset that you would run an article about someone you claim is a Christian when he is certainly not one. George Bush is the epitome of pure evil. The way you painted him as a God-fearing man sickens me.
Richard Lent
Lehigh Acres, Florida

Your article on President Bush was a balanced story. As a Christian, however, I was taught to treat everybody the same. As a minority, should I vote for a Republican who adheres to Christian values but who neglects the poor? Or should I support a candidate who is pro-abortion and gay rights but does not neglect minorities?
Vincent White Lancaster, California

I believe it was an insult to put a politician on the cover of Charisma. American citizens and those around the world know for a fact that George Bush lied, deceived and misled the American people into war with Iraq.
Charles Clay Pasadena, California

President Bush has refused to eat sweets while American troops are still in war with Iraq? I'm sorry, but I believe more repentance is required for getting people killed (and killing people) than for Bush to stop eating Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
Alex Duckworth
Southgate, Kentucky

We should never forget that our fruit validates our confession. I do not think stealing an election and misrepresenting unjustifiable reasons to wage war is Christian character. In my opinion Clinton is a better Christian than Bush.
Michael Brian Odiakosa
Powder Springs, Georgia

I had intended to renew my subscription until I read your articles about George W. Bush. More than articles, I consider them to be an open endorsement of Mr. Bush for president in the 2004 election. I am disappointed that your magazine has become so politically partisan.
Jolyn E. Queen
Hickory, North Carolina

The Gay Dilemma

Thank you for J. Lee Grady's column on the growing problem of homosexuality and the church (First Word, October). Our first job as Christians is to be prayerful and not judgmental. We must hate the sin, love the sinner and pray for a true revelation in this Episcopal bishop's life so that he can get a life that is glorifying to God.
name withheld

I'm sorry you have a "gay dilemma." As a gay man, I will continue gaily praising and thanking God for sending me Jesus to pull me out of the pit. All He asks is that I love God, self and others. Maybe I will treat some other man to a special relationship--with or without the blessing of church or state.
name withheld

Why did J. Lee Grady have to say in his column that the Episcopal Church is dead? It is clearly in trouble. I believe there is apostasy at the highest levels of its government. However, God is not done with this church!

There is a remnant of faithful believers who are praying for this denomination and taking a stand for truth. It's too early to begin the funeral procession.
Debbie Miller
Orlando, Florida

The majority of Episcopal bishops in the United States, including our own bishop here in the diocese of Los Angeles, have chosen the course of apostasy and rebellion in defiance to the worldwide Anglican community and the church as a whole. Thanks for giving a voice to those who share in your grief over the fact that Episcopal leaders have tried to make homosexuality an acceptable Christian lifestyle.
Loren Maxwell
Fullerton, California

Juanita Still Stirs It Up!

Your cover story on Juanita Bynum was powerful and challenging ("She Tells It Like It Is," by Vanessa Lowe Robinson, September). Bynum's message is a 21st century wake-up call for the church in America. What a dynamic, blessed and anointed woman of God.
David R. Taylor III
Toledo, Ohio

I cannot understand how a woman can preach "a house of fire sermon" and then live a lavish lifestyle as she does. It shocked me to read about it. I don't understand how she can try to reach the underprivileged with that kind of lifestyle.
Tilly Walz
Huron, South Dakota

Before I ever heard her name in Christian circles, I bought Juanita Bynum's tape No More Sheets for $1 at a used bookstore. It was great! Imagine my surprise when I read your articles. I'd like to "tell it like it is" to Juanita. How can she flaunt and misuse her God-given wealth in such a lavish way?
Sarah Lee
Evansville, Indiana

Give me a major Holy Ghost break! The cost of Juanita Bynum's wedding could have been trimmed and still been a beautiful ceremony. The money might have been given to help indigenous missionaries and to alleviate the suffering of HIV-positive persons in Africa.
Paul Cockroft
Sauk City, Wisconsin

I have a problem with Juanita's lavish wedding, which was promoted on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. She could have done so much good with that money. Many children could have been fed!
Art Richards
Hagerstown, Maryland

Haunted by Racism?

J. Lee Grady's "First Word" column has always been one of my favorite articles in Charisma. However, his message on racism ("Haunted Hearts," September) left me disappointed, especially after he said that I am a racist if I was "afraid" of letting my daughters marry outside of my race.

Don't you look at what the Bible says? When Ezra saw that the people had "mingled themselves" with people of a different race he rent his garment and fell on his knees (see Ezra 9:1-4).

Grady also said that my church is racist if it does not have people of other ethnic backgrounds. He also suggested that I need to apologize to people I have never met for things that have never been done to them. I am not responsible for what my great-grandparents did.

You may think I am some racist, but I have given you Scripture to back up my beliefs. Please give us Scripture the next time you tell everyone to "pass through God's security checkpoint."
Chad Bowling
Alcoa, Tennessee

Thank you for J. Lee Grady's article on racism. I was raised in the South, and I can assure you that he is speaking the truth. I especially took note that he has told his daughters that he doesn't care what color husbands they choose as long as the men love Jesus.

Those are my exact words too! I would rather my children marry someone who loves God and will treat them with love and respect--regardless of their skin color.
name withheld

Pray for Your Pastor!

Thanks for the excellent teaching by David Cannistraci about interceding for spiritual leaders ("Your Pastor Is Under Attack," October). I believe you exposed the reason many leaders fall into sin when you said that 70 percent admit they do not have a close friend. Until leaders learn to be transparent, we'll continue to read about moral failures.
Rhonda Dalton
Swan Lake, New York

Thank you for showing the church how important it is to pray for pastors. It's important that pastors keep prophets and intercessors covered in prayer as well. Since we're the backbone of the church and we tread on enemy territory, we also are vulnerable to the enemy's devices.
Yvette Geiger
Tampa, Florida

I agree that pastors are under attack. But I believe that the reason so many of them are exhausted, overworked and undertrained is that they are attempting to fill roles for which others have been gifted. The first apostles initially attempted to carry the responsibilities of other believers but eventually they chose properly gifted believers to step up to the plate.
Charity E. Leslie
Owosso, Michigan

Correction: In an article about Eagle TV's ministry in Mongolia (People & Events, October), we stated that the Mongolian government was involved in shutting down the station. But Tom Terry, managing director of the Eagle Broadcasting Company in Ulaanbaatar, said the station was shut down after multiple attempts by Mongolian business partners to seize control of Eagle TV's license, efforts that finally resulted in the threatened lawsuit and closure.

"In its eight-year existence, the Mongolian government has never attempted, in any fashion, to restrict the religious or political speech of Eagle TV," Terry said.

He added: "Furthermore, it was Eagle TV's so called, 'democratic' ownership--not the government--that continually threatened to shut down Eagle because of its Christian programs. Mongolia is wedged between two great powers (Russia and China) with a history of oppression."

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