Tele-Conference Call with
Governor Mike Huckabee

Recorded on April 10, 2008

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In this episode Gov. Huckabee talks about
Christians and the New Political Reality.

Learn more about Marc Nuttle and his book
Moment of Truth

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About Marc Nuttle

With the Christian vote more widely polarized than at any time in the past thirty years, Marc Nuttle offers a clarion call for conservative America to take a stand today for the future the country and the next generation.

Moment of Truth exposes the liberal move toward one world government, the tightening of government control, the increasingly powerful Trade Unions, and the corroding effects of United Nations interference and power. He speaks especially to the 28 million small business owners in the country—80 percent of whom are Republican and 65 percent of whom are evangelical— arguing that these policies will be devastating to them and will put no less than America's economic future in jeopardy. As he confronts issues such as:

  • Health Care & an Aging Population
  • The Possibility of Recession
  • Rising Fuel Prices
  • Immigration
  • Global Warming
  • And many more…

He demonstrates conclusively the dangers of a government led by those who would take us down a path to irretrievable darkness under the threatening clouds of big government control.

Marc Nuttle has worked in the campaigns of historic presidencies such as those of Ronald Reagan and Boris Yeltsin and for presidential candidates as diverse as Pat Robertson and Steve Forbes. He has represented multinational corporations and has advised on government projects for the United States, China, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Sudan, Jordan, and other georegional efforts. He has been involved in movement politics for over thirty years at the national level and in all fifty states.

Nuttle has published articles in The Wall Street Journal, INC magazine, and Campaigns & Elections magazine. He has been interviewed by numerous national publications including TIME, Newsweek, and The Wall Street Journal, and has appeared on national and regional news programs including NBC nightly news, CNN's Crossfire, and MacNeil/Lehrer. He lives in Norman, Oklahoma, with his wife, Ann.