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January 2015:

Cover Story

The Juice Lady's Keys to Health and Healing

Before being known as "The Juice Lady," Cherie Calbom was sick, tired and dying. Yet after two miraculous healings, she developed a healthy lifestyle that has millions following suit. 

Featured Articles

  • 21 Days With the Holy Spirit
    What would happen if your mornings for the next three weeks began with a date with the Holy Spirit? Here's a 21-day plan that could transform your life. 
  • Healing a Broken Heart
    7 steps to cooperate with God through emotional healing from heartache, trauma or loss.  
  • When Does God Sanction War?
    Why we must all wrestle with the role justice plays in everyday warfare-both physical and spiritual.  
  • How to Move Heaven With Your Prayers
    Biblical heores like Moses knew the secrets to powerful prayers with supernatural results. Follow their lead and expect the miraculous. 


  • Florida pastor breaks Guinness world record while raising $100,000
  • Behind-the-scenes faith inspires the Angelina Jolie-produced Unbroken
  • Kentucky ministry gives families of prisoners place of rest


  • This month's resources: Randy Clark's Holy Spirit guidebook, Bethel Music's Will Not Be Shaken, Rebecca Greenwood on mental strongholds, Joel Rosenberg's fiction-turned-reality and more
  • Reviews: New books from Mike Huckabee and Larry Stockstill

December 2014:

Cover Story

O Come, Let Us Adore Him

How to recover the lost discipline of adoration this Christmas-and beyond. 

Featured Articles

  • The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
    Charisma readers' favorite authors and artists share their most memorable Christmases. 
  • Wisdom From the Epiphany 
    When God was revealed in the flesh, wise men responded with divinely prophetic gifts. But what really made these men so wise? 
  • When the Holidays Hurt
    One woman's remarkable journey provides a reminder of the redemption Christ offers to every hurting soul during Christmastime. 
  • You've Got to Give it Away
    How you can change people's lives- including your own- through simple acts of love. 
  • Illegal Prayers
    What Jesus says about pushing the boundaries in prayer isn't just startling, it's lie changing for every believer in need of an urgent reply from God. 
  • The Idols of Beauty and Success
    Are you worshiping God or these subtle, worldly idols? 


  • Four-time Olympian snowboarder goes for more than gold
  • Adopted girl turns her own abandonment into hope for others
  • Leader's tragic death leaves behind intentional legacy for the kingdom 
  • Former NFL player feeds kids with more that football


  • This month's resources: Kim Walker-Smith covers Christmas, Jack Hayford's Christmas Miracle, Fred Hammond develops Trust, plus more
  • Reviews: New releases from Aaron Shust, Michael W. Smith and Iris Delgado

November 2014:

Cover Story

Spiritual Warfare: How to Counter Satan's Attack on Your Family

Amid the culture war against the family unit, we can't forget the real battle is in the spiritual realm. Here's how to counter Satan's assult at home.

Featured Articles

  • Praying Down Powers and Principalities
    Though many people go to unhealthy extremes in their approach to spiritual warfare, the Bible gives us a model for effecting change in the spiritual realm.
  • The Devil's Playbook
    Exposing the top 3 tactics Satan uses to derail and destroy us.
  • Discerning Spirits in the Church
    Often the spirits we face within the church are just as evil as those outside–which is why we must increase our ability to discern.
  • Battling the Behemoths of Our Time
    As one massive stronghold around the world falls, another is rising. How do we recognize and defeat these powerful evil forces in the spirit?


  • Anne Graham Lotz reports supernatural confirmations after prayer initiatives
  • 'Biblegirl' goes from streets, strip clubs to the Savior
  • Ministry helps thousands break cycle of poverty in Rwanda
  • Woman healed after 16 years in wheelchair


  • This month's resources: 50 Things You Need to Know About Satan and Demons, Jonathan Bermos on the afterlife, Sanctus Real's Dream, plus more.
  • Reviews: Mike Shreve's Powerful Prayers for Supernatural Results PLUS: Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas

October 2014: The Mystery of the Shemitah

Cover Story

The Mystery of the Shemitah

Jonathan Cahn decodes a 3,000-year-old mystery linking Israel's current events, the Sabbath year, blood moons, America's economy and you.

Featured Articles

  • Lost and Found: Regathering the 'Lost Tribes' of Israel
    How God is bringing back to the Holy Land 10 tribes that seemingly vanished from history more than 2,700 years ago
  • What Would Jesus Do About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?
    The believer's response to both Irsael and the Palestinian community can be complicated, but Christ established a clear model
  • When the Holy Land Comes to Life
    A trip to Jerusalem's Temple Mount sparks renewal during a season of spiritual dryness
  • What the Bible Really Says About Being Gay and Christian
    5 Scriptural truths that dismantle the modern-day argument that God's Word condones the homosecual lifestyle
  • What Makes God Smile
    We need faith to please God. So how do we develop the kind that makes His day?


  • How Medical Ministry International changes more than half a million lives with 90 percent volunteer force
  • After hitting rock bottom, former slugger Darryl Strawberry and wife now helping other heal
  • How to raise 32 children after your marriage almost falls apart


  • This month's resources: Nicolas Cage remakes Left Behind, Desperation Band's new live CD, Satan's Deadly Trio and more
  • Reviews: Lisa Bevere's new book and 21 Things the Devil Cannot Do

September 2014: The Case for the MEV

Cover Story

The Case for the MEV

Does the world really need another Bible translation? Charisma reports on the state of Scripture engagement today and how the new Modern English Version could impact trands and change lives.

Featured Articles

  • My Roots in a Biblical Revolution
    Steve Strang has known for years that his ancestry included a famous Bible translator, but it wasn't until publishing the MEV that this lineage took on a whole new meaning.
  • The Making of a Bible Translation
    The miraculous story of how the Modern English Version came to be
  • The Word Made Fresh
    How the MEV brings the beauty of the King James Version into the 21st century.
  • Dumb and Dumber: How Bible Illiteracy Is Killing Our Nation
    Despite having more access to Scripture, we're the most biblically illiterate generation in history. Here's why that's affecting our culture—and what we can do to curb the trend.
  • How to Read the Bible Like Jesus
    5 elements from the greatest Bible study ever to help direct your own study time.
  • Stand Tough in Tough Times
    Ron Luce's world was rocked when his daughter was the lone survivor of a plane crash that killed four young men. Here's what he's since learned about faith when life doesn't make sense.


  • ORU students break missions record
  • Pay it forward ... with a trackable card
  • MasterWorks ministry equips artists with practical and spiritual training


  • This month's resources: China's Opening Door, Max Lucado on simple prayer, IHOP worship, Ron Luce gets Resilient, David Wilkerson biography and more
  • Reviews: Bill Johnson's Experience the Impossible, new J.J. Hairston CD
  • PLUS: Q&A with Jim Caviezel

August 2014: Recognizing the Holy Spirit

Cover Story

A Centennial Move of the Spirit
100 years of the Assemblies of God

It's been 100 years since the Assemblies of God emerged from the outpouring at Azusa Street. Charisma's founder reports on how the Holy Spirit has moved through the world's largest Pentecostal denomination—and what lies ahead.

Featured Articles

  • Our Roots in the Assemblies of God
    How my personal journey—and that of Charisma—has been shaped by the AG.
  • Marks of the Assemblies
    What three elements not only characterize the Assemblies of God, but also must remain for future growth?
  • Convoy of Hope's Mission to Feed One
    How you can join the movement to help combat world hunger for just $10 a month.
  • Are You a Friend of the Holy Spirit?
    The Holy Spirit isn't strange. He's a wonderful, kind, and sensitive Person—and here's how a real friendship with Him can change your life.
  • You're Not an Extra!
    Have you relegated yourself to the sidelines in the kingdom while others do the "real" work? Here's the truth about God's plans for you.
  • When the Holy Ghost Moves on the Big Screen
    A new film from Darren Wilson highlights God's supernatural power onscreen. But it's the behind-the-scenes stories that indicates another movement.


  • Jack Frost's widow finds courage to continue at Shiloh
  • AG missionary program for children and teens makes major impact
  • Texas woman walks after four years confined to wheelchair


  • This month's resources: Guillermo Maldonado's Supernatural Transformation, new Lecrae album, faith and football, plus more.
  • Reviews: Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare Manual from John Eckhardt, Bill Hybels' Simplify, plus an interview with Christine Caine.
Charisma Magazine July 2014 covers

July 2014: Hearing God

Cover Stories

Cover 1: Hearing God
How to discern God's voice in a world of distractions

Cover 2: A Tribute to Pastor Jack Hayford
At age 80, a life well-lived

Featured Articles

  • Developing an Ear for the Truth
  • The Simplicity of Shareing the Gospel
  • What to Do When You're Raising Your Grandchildren
  • The Life and Times of Jack and Anna Hayford
  • A Spiritual Father
  • The Vision to Build a University for the King


  • ORU alumni newlyweds capture hearts with heroic battle against cancer
  • Ecuador missionary uses personal pain to fuel outreach to alcoholics
  • Find out what made a kidnapper release a faith-filled 10-year-old
  • Couple refuses to coast in retirement


  • This month's resources: Hillsong's No Other Name, a follow-up Demon Dictionary, Kevin Malarkey admins to A Beautiful Defeat and more
  • Reviews: Persecuted, Moriah Peters' Brave, Andrew Farley is Relaxing With God and more


Cover Story

Why Fox News host TODD STARNES' fight for religious liberty goes beyond America's culture wars.

Featured Articles

  • The Secret to Holy Sexuality
    Many married Christians struggle to connect God's holiness with their sexuality because of abuse, addictions or faulty mindsets. It's time to discover the truth about God and sex.
  • What Not to Wear: Another Look at Modesty
    Confronting cleavage, carnality and purity in a culture obsessed with showing more skin
  • Sexual Atheism and the Christian Single
    Why the latest Christian dating data reveals a deeper spiritual malaise
  • Moving Beyond Bitterness and Betrayal
    How to heal from the devastation of being betrayed
  • The Gift That Hasn't Stopped Giving
    A radical career change and a response to a newsparper story not only changed one man's family, but is now transforming lives with a biblical truth of generous living


  • Sujo John's YouCanFree.Us combats human trafficking industry in India.
  • Can being blessed become a curse?
  • Philippines missionary wrongly jailed uses experience for good.
  • Florida woman forgives after the unthinkable happens to her.


  • This month's resources: N.T. Wright's Surprised, Ted Dekker's Hacker, hope after a devastating tornado and more.
  • Reviews: R.T. Kendall's 40 Days With the Holy Spirit, sophmore album from American Idol winner Danny Gokey.

May 2014: Walking in the Supernatural

Cover Story

Walking in the Supernatural
Randy Clark explains how to move from an average faith into walking with the Holy Spirit and seeing signs, wonders and miracles.

Featured Articles

  • When Angels Intervene
    Six respected charismatic leaders share firsthand accounts and personal revelations involving angelic encounters.
  • Why We Need Supernatural Manifestations in the Church Today
    To be relevant for the kingdom, we must earnestly desire the supernatural.
  • What Supernatural Authority Do You Have?
    What you need to know about binding the spirits, principalities and powers of darkness.
  • The Supernatural Ascension
    Among most evangelicals, Jesus' ascension is largely an uncelebrated event. Here are seven reasons why it matters more than most of us think.
  • The Supernatural Power of Agreement
    How walking in unity with others paves the way for the miraculous.


  • Could recent floods in Mozambique expand the revival Iris Global has seen?
  • College party town meets God's love through Jesus Burgers
  • How a Florida ministry is teaming with pro athletes to help hurting kids
  • A Bridge to Restoration
  • C.S. Lewis adapted for theater (again)


  • This month's resources: Smitty signs Sovereign, Dutch Sheets on Hope, deliverance ministry stories and more.
  • Reviews: Ragamuffin movie, Focus on the Family's Irreplaceable, Anthony Evan's CD and more

April 2014: Mercy in Calcutta


Cover Story

Mercy in Calcutta - How a 60-year-old Pentecostal ministry continues to transform one of the world's most populous citities

Featured Articles

  • Charisma Cares
  • Restoring Life to the Blind
  • Beautiful Blood
  • The Billy Graham of Iran
  • Are You Spiritually Fit for the Days Ahead?
  • But That's Not in the Word!
  • It's Time to Get Rewired


March 2014: The Church at the Crossroads

Cover Story

The Church at the Crossroads - The 8 biggest issues facing the American church today ... and how we must respond.

Featured Articles

  • Liberation or License: The Problem of Grace
  • The Great Gay Deception
  • Modern Family?
  • How to End the Greatest Massacre in History
  • God's Not Scared of New Atheism
  • God's Plan for True Social Justice
  • Christian: It's More Than Just a Label
  • The Problem With Being Relevant

February 2014: The Spirit of Adoption

Cover Story

The Spirit of Adoption - How Spirit-led churches are taking action to alleviate our nation's orphan crisis.

Featured Articles

  • Marriage Tune-up
  • No More Gifts?
  • San Fran's Saving Prayer
  • Single Purpose
  • Roadblock

    6 Roadblocks That Will Stop Your Spiritual Growth

    God wants you to grow in your faith, but many of us get stuck along the way.

  • 2017 is the year that swords will clash.

    Prophetic Word: 2017 Will Bring a Clashing of Heaven and Hell

    "This is a time to cross over and not pull back."

  • Inner Healing Is the Fruit of the Spirit

    Inner Healing Is the Fruit of the Spirit

    I have been puzzled about the subject of inner healing for some time.

  • The devil will try to silence you in any way he can. Don't give him the satisfaction.

    Satan's 2 Most Potent Lies to Render You Ineffective

    There's something in you so powerful that Satan doesn't want it out. Kyle Winkler reveals ...

  • Are you willing to volunteer for God's offensive army?

    Prophetic Word: Preparing for God's World War 3

    God is searching for soldiers of the cross who are willing to volunteer for His offensive army.

  • Cindy Jacobs

    2017: Year of the Breakthrough

    "There will be a significant increase in miracles and signs and wonders."

  • Foot washing

    Shaking the Gates of Hell With a Basin of Water and a Towel

    "When I saw His foot, I knew He had come to take back territory the enemy had stolen from His ...

  • Growing relationship

    2017 Prophetic Word: The Supernatural Key to Growing Your Relationship With God

    It's vital that we understand what comes from God and what comes from the devil.

  • Marriage man and woman

    Why Marriage Is Not Just Between a Man and a Woman

    Marriage is a miracle. Let us treat it like one.

  • Continue Your Journey with the Holy Spirit

    Continue Your Journey with the Holy Spirit

    Follow God on the most fulfilling journey of your life with Encounter the Holy Spirit! Break away from past hurts and press into the One who wants a personal encounter with you.

  • Dream the Unimaginable In His Presence

    Dream the Unimaginable In His Presence

    Reach your full potential and be led by His Spirit. In His Presence takes you to a deeper understanding of who God is and how he communicates with us.

  • Set Your Spirit on Fire

    Set Your Spirit on Fire

    Receive the power and gifts that come through the Holy Spirit Baptism. Don’t go empty-handed; accept all that He has for you! His power is available to those who ask.

  • Put on the Full Armor of God

    Put on the Full Armor of God

    Break every stronghold with the power of the Holy Spirit. Use the power of your tongue to declare and decree the Word of God. Witness heaven move on your behalf.

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