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January 2016: Fasting That Breaks Strongholds

Cover Story

Fasting That Breaks Strongholds

Adding fasting to your spiritual warfare strategy could lead you into massive breakthrough.

Featured Articles

  • The Daniel Detox
    Learn the secrets to revitalizing your body and spirit in 21 days
  • Setting the Emotional Captives Free
    Discover the truth that will set you free from the bondage of emotional eating.
  • The Holy Meal That Heals
    The daily practice of receiving Communion is a powerful source of physical and spiritual healing that could radically change your life.
  • Fasting Your Way to a Longer Life
    Fasting could reduce your risk of common health issues such as heart disease and diabetes and lengthen your life.
  • Breaking the Cycles of Weight-Loss Defeat
    How to move beyond prayers for "me and mine"—allowing your heart to beat in rhythm with God's heart.
  • Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
    More than Wall Street savvy, healthy investments are spiritually aligned with the Bible. Here's what you need to know about mutual funds.


  • The evangelism brochure that's reaching millions of broken hearts
  • God answers an intercessory prayer meeting with lightning and thunder
  • An Israeli Arab pastor risks his life to preach the gospel


  • This month's resources: Jezebel's Puppets, Surrender, The Giver and the Gift, Fresh Start, The Unbroken Cord, Jesus Speaks, Floodplain, plus more
  • Review: Natalie Grant's Be One

December 2015: What if Mary Chose Abortion?

Cover Story

What if Mary Chose Abortion?

As millions celebrate the birth of Jesus this Christmas, pro-life advocates are asking a profound question: What if Jesus had never been born? 

Featured Articles

  • Wisdom in A Christmas Carol
    Discover how Scrooge can save your Christmas—and perhaps your life.
  • The Cross in the Manger
    Go beyond just the cultural enjoyment of the holidays and experience the real meaning of Christmas.
  • Where I Am
    Inspired by the world's greatest promise, Billy Graham shares the hope of heaven.
  • The Key to Everything 
    Find out why giving is the secret to unlocking God's releasing grace and His abundant blessings.
  • Discover Your Prayer Passion
    How to move beyond prayers for "me and mine"—allowing your heart to beat in rhythm with God's heart.
  • Rewards of Blessing Prophets
    Learn about the favor, promotion and financial breakthroughs that come into your life when you receive and bless a prophet of God.
  • Did Jesus Really Have to Die?
    From the manger to the cross, Jesus was born to die so we may live.
  • The Return of 'Superbook'
    The classic animated series returns to retail, thanks to CBN and Charisma Media
  • Star of Wonder
    An interview with the author of the explosive new book that unveils the mystery of the Star of Bethlehem.
  • Messiah's Misfits
    Why the ones man overlooks are the ones God notices and plucks from obscurity.


  • Former 'street god' takes Jesus to the projects
  • VeggieTales creator releases space adventure film Galaxy Buck
  • Rev. Charlie Holt shows Christians how to live the 'crucified life'
  • Nathaniel's Hope shows God's love to children with special needs


  • This month's resources: A.W. Tozer's Delighting in God; Mercy Me, It's Christmas; Devil-Proof Your Family; The Gospel of John; Sheila Walsh's The Bible Is My Best Friend; plus more
  • Reviews: A.D. The Bible Continues and Garden City: Work, Rest, and the Art of Being Human

November 2015: Prophets Arising

Cover Story

Prophets Arising

Amid a rising sea of prophetic voices, many are predicting a great move of the Spirit.  

Featured Articles

  • Discerning God's Voice
    Discover how to detect the difference between fleshly thoughts, satanic distractions and godly wisdom.
  • Heaven's Prophetic Assignments
    Learn about the making of a prophet, God's unique assignments and the unusual ways that He deals with prophets. 
  • Filming the Spirit
    Filmmaker Darren Wilson reveals in Holy Ghost: Reborn how the Spirit often moves in unexpected ways—transforming lives through supernatural means.
  • Embracing the Wonders of Trials 
    Learn how to maintain joy and maximize spiritual growth during a wilderness season. 
  • God's Road Map
    Follow God's road map to uncover deep mysteries hidden in celestial events and seasons.
  • Good or God?
    If good is obvious, why does the Bible say we need discernment to see it? Discover why good without God isn't good enough.
  • Singles in the Church
    Why the church needs to reapproach how it ministers to singles.
  • The World Race
    During an 11-month trek to 11 countries, thousands of young people are discovering what it means to help the "least of these." 


  • Urban pastor reaches next generation
  • Louie Giglio finds spiritual truths in comeback stories
  • A simple message for teenagers:
  • Mercy Ministries frees women from bondage


  • This month's resources: #Struggles, The Purpose-Driven Life Devotional for Kids, Faith of Our Fathers, Awake Our Souls, plus more
  • Review: Building 429's Unashamed

October 2015: Friends of Zion

Cover Story

Friends of Zion

A new museum in Israel features Corrie ten Boom, Oskar Schindler and other who risked all to save the lives of Jews and establish the state of Israel.  

Featured Articles

  • Israel Set Ablaze for Jesus
    Why the restoration of the Jewish people to their Messiah could be a catalyst to release the greatest Gentile revival in history. 
  • Completing the Reformation
    The film Let the Lion Roar urges Christians to "complete the Reformation" by combating replacement theology in the church.  
  • Lost No More
    Follow a rabbi on the trail of the Lost Tribes of Israel, an adventure that reads like a modern-day suspense movie screenplay. 
  • Secrets of Gaining Wisdom 
    Discover God's greatest gift and the key to unlocking your destiny and calling. 
  • Dismantling the Enemy's Plans
    Learn how to develop a Christlike identity and break the enemy's most binding force- double-mindedness. 
  • Defeating Mental Giants
    Why the smallest "God thoughts" can lead to your greatest victories. 
  • Rediscovering the Holy Spirit
    Why the church needs the Holy Spirit now more than ever. 
  • Redigging the Healing Wells
    John G. Lake's healing movement is rising rapidly in Israel. 


  • Sheila Walsh encourages believers to take 5 minutes with Jesus
  • Business owner transitions into missions work
  • Candace Cameron Bure's success secret


  • This month's resources: Billy Graham's Where I am, Max Lucado's Glory Days, Joyce Meyer's The Mind Connection, plus more
  • Reviews: Brian Houston's Live Love Lead and Jason Crabb's Whatever the Road

September 2015: The Great Convergence

Cover Story

The Great End-Time Convergence

As end-of-age signs align, many prophecy experts believe this could be the beginning of the end. Are they right? 

Featured Articles

  • The Babylon Code
    An investigation into the secrets of "Mystery, Babylon" reveals forces are working to create a global government and cashless society. 
  • Global Convergence: A False Utopia
    The Bible and America's Founding Fathers all warned of a world government.  
  • The Tectonic Event
    Will the U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding gay marriage bring judgment?
  • Silent Pulpits
    Seven reasons why your pastor may not be preaching on Bible prophecy. 
  • Could the Antichrist Arise From the Eighth Kingdom?
    A new analysis of Scripture identified key traits of the Antichrist.
  • Preparing for the 'Blood Moons Financial Collapse'
    Why many believers are preparing for the worst (even if the blood moons don't bring economic calamity).


  • Darwin Hobbs overcomes early sexual abuse and pursues wholeness
  • Answers in Genesis raises America's first full-scale ark


  • This month's resources: TD Jake's Destiny, the documentary, Patterns of Evidence: Exodus, plus more
  • Reviews: Russell Moore's Onward and the award-winning documentary The Drop Box

August 2015: People Who Radically Changed Our World

Cover Story

World Changers

As Charisma reflects on its 40th anniversary, we're featuring 40 people whom the Holy Spirit used to radically change our world.

Featured Articles

  • Charisma's Odyssey
    How the Holy Spirit guided Charisma from a magazine to a media company is an amazing story of God's grace and blessing. 
  • 10 Trends of the Coming Revival
    What will the next wave of the Holy Spirit look like? I believe hope will overcome the darkness.  
  • What's Next?
    Pastor Jack Hayford shares his thoughts with Charisma on the future of the Pentecostal/charismatic movement. 
  • Spreading the Fame of Jesus
    Young leaders of the Pentecostal movements envision a world that knows Jesus.


  • Switchfoot parents reveal secrets to enjoying parenthood
  • United Night of Worship touches and unties thousands in New England


  • This month's resources: Perry Stone's The Eighth Kingdom, the box office hit, Do You Believe?, tobyMac's This Is Not a Test, John Eckhardt's Unshakable, James Goll's What Love Looks Like, plus more
  • Reviews: Matt Redman's Unbroken Praise and Chick Colson's My Final Word

July 2015: This Election Will Impact Generations

Cover Story

Swing Vote

At a time when America is exhibiting signs of an imminent implosion, many consider the 2016 election the 'most important of our lifetime'- one that will greatly affect future generations.

Featured Articles

  • Charisma Media to Launch Podcast Network
    People will hear the 'Charisma Newscast,' Jennifer LeClaire's 'Walking in the Spirit' and other programs via their smartphones and iPods. 
  • Charisma Launches Faith and Politics Site
    Charisma Caucus features cutting-edge political news and commentary in the run-up to 2016 and beyond. 
  • America in the Balance
    In this election, leaders say spiritual solutions, not just political ones, are critical to solving America's formidable problems.
  • The Pivotal Millennial Vote
    Polls show millennials may pick the next president. What can the church do to engage this generation at this pivotal time in history?
  • Why America's First Freedom is in Jeopardy 
    The government has become hostile to religious freedom. America's security and prosperity will elude it until religious liberty is restored. 
  • Spiritual Gift of Prophecy 
    The Tales of a Wandering Prophet author offers tips on using the prophetic gift for God's purpose and glory.


  • Mother healed of addition and abortion
  • The recipe for a new love language?
  • Former Beatles manager tells of redemption


  • This month's resources: R.T. Kendall's new book, Four Blood Moons DC, John Eckhardt's Prophet Arise, plus more
  • Reviews: Matthew West's 'Live Forever,' Jep and Jessica Robertson's The Good, the Bad, and the Grace of God

June 2015: The Supernatural

Cover Story

The Supernatural Investigator 

Sid Roth, host of It's Supernatural!, has followed the move of the Spirit for decades and now believed miracles are about to become commonplace throughout the world.

Featured Articles

  • Is Jesus Returning Soon?
    In a dream that rocked his world, popular television show host Sid Roth heard Jesus say three times, 'I am coming back soon!'
  • Modern Resurrections: Are They Real?
    The fall releases of 90 Minutes in Heaven and Touching Heaven come amid reports of hundreds of modern-day resurrections. 
  • The Life-Saving Power of Speaking in tongues
    Abducted at knifepoint from her bed and taken to the cornfields of Michigan, Kathi Byker expected to die. But when she began to speak in tongues, something unexpectedly miraculous happened. 


  • American Heritage Girls celebrating 20 years of faith-based activism
  • Fifteen is the new Seventeen
  • Erin Kelly breaks down her family's hopes and struggles in Kelly Tough
  • Ex-stripper reveals god's miracles
  • Heaven's healing touch for Annabel Beam


  • This month's resources: A book by 'Wandering Prophet' Hubie Synn, the A.D. guide, The Key to Everything, plus more. 
  • Reviews: Audio Adrenaline's Sounds of the Saints, Rifqa Bary's Hiding in the Light

May 2015: An Appeal To Heaven

Cover Story

An Appeal to Heaven

As God lifts His hedge of protection around the nation, many are joining the 'Appeal to Heaven' movement to save America. 

Featured Articles

  • Is The Next Great Move of God Beginning?
    The church is waking up and many are making an 'Appeal to Heaven.' Become a part of the revival many have been praying for. 
  • Will America Avoid Calamity?
    A 'great shaking' is coming to America, but through judgment revival can come. 
  • The Response to a Nation in Turmoil
    Intercessory prayer and a 'corporate heart awakening' are necessary for America to experience another Great Awakening.  
  • The Words of the Prophets 
    Faith leaders with a prophetic gifting say America's future rests with the church. 
  • Is Prophetic Evangelism the Answer?
    At the time when polls show Christian rarely share their faith with others, a new and innovative form of evangelism is exhibiting promise. 
  • Face to Face With God
    Why the secret to experiencing the supernatural is linked to a deep, intimate and 'face-to-face' relationship with God.


  • The $400 million Museum of the Bible project begins
  • As ISIS targets Christianity, godly warriors arise
  • Global Outreach Day reaches 75 million people with the gospel
  • Pastors go Treasure hunting with solar-powered audio Bible


  • This month's resources: A DVD about second-century hero Polycarp, Mark Casto's When Misfits Become Kings, Jo Naughton's 30-Day Detox, plus more.
  • Reviews: Robert Morris' Truly Free, Plumb's Exhale

April 2015

Cover Story

Jesus Goes to Hollywood

Tinseltown is releasing a flood of faith-based films and TV shows, creating an unparalleled opportunity to spread the Good News. Could Hollywood help Christianity make a comeback?  

Featured Articles

  • Is Hollywood Following the Biblical Script? 
    Noah, Exodus and other films ignited controversy, but faith leaders say the movies are an opportunity to share the gospel. 
  • The Secret to Childlike Faith
    How Christians who are disappointed with their spiritual journey are discovering intimacy with God through childlike faith.
  • Finding Courage by Tapping the Mind of God
    Mike Rakes deconstructs the negative thoughts and attitudes that infiltrate our minds and reveals how our thoughts strengthen or undermine the courage and confidence of our hearts. 
  • Forgive the Unforgivable 
    How to find hope and healing through pain, loss and betrayal. 
  • The Life and Legacy of One of Today's Greatest Prophets
    Before his death, beloved prophetic minister John Paul Jackson saw visions of troubling headlines about the future of America. What predictions remain? 


  • A thousand join 'Amazing Grace' flash mob at mall
  • Radio station reaching thousands of Buddhist nation
  • Scholarships for children of Fallen Patriots Foundation
  • Youth pastor equips students for revival


  • This month's resources: Tim Timberlake's book on God's plans, Lauren Daigle's latest CD, Jennifer LeClaire's The Next Great Move of God, plus more
  • Reviews: Chad Burn's Beyond the Mask film, Point of Grace's Directions Home

March 2015

Cover Story

The Healing Miracles Preacher

Randy Clark is helping millions walk in the power of the Holy Spirit with reported signs, healing miracles and even the dead resurrected. 

Featured Articles

  • Why World Vision Changed Its Mind
    Why World Vision reversed its decision on hiring gays, and what's next?
  • Why World Vision's Same-Sex Controversy Became our Dilemma
    While Charisma applauds World Vision's reversal, Christians must uphold biblical marriage
  • A Modern-Day Mordecai
    Former Charisma editor J. Lee Grady is defending women worldwide. Now he needs your help.
  • Lee Strobel Experiences Miraculous Healing
    The New York Times best-selling author nearly died. Following a miraculous healing, he's penned his most intimate book to date. 
  • Twisting the Gospel
    Why "hip" churches are leading to an exodus of young people from Jesus' teachings.


  • Katie Meyler named Time 'Person of the Year'
  • Lifting the weight of the heavy burdens 
  • Church members die in plane crash but pastor chooses faith
  • Reaching millennials with stories 


  • This month's resources: Gaither Vocal Band's latest CD, Craig Stone's book on forgiveness, Chad Gibbs' Jesus Without Borders, plus more
  • Reviews: Nancy Ravenhill's Touched by Heaven, Third Day's Lead Us Back

February 2015:

Cover Story

Why Christians Are the New Targets of Discrimination

While high-profile cases of Christians caught in the cultural crosshairs are on the rise, the real battle involves the spiritual realm.

Featured Articles

  • U-Turn: How the Church Can Save America 
    Based on years of research and experience, David Carton and George Barna lay out a plan to restore what's been lost in our nation
  • A Prophetic Code to America's Future
    How we can discern the times-and the signs-pointing to America's final spiritual visitation at the time of the end
  • Communicating With God
    A practical guide to developing a stronger life of communicating with God
  • Why Many Churches Exclude the Holy Spirit on Sunday
    As more churches "program out" God's Spirit, here's why welcoming His fullness can change everything
  • Hope in the End Times
    The secret to optimism and resilience in the last days


  • How Dr. Alveda King is seeking to restore her family's dream
  • Perilous return from Everest opens doors of faith for ex-Navy swimmer
  • Doctors admit "miracle" as dead woman rises


  • This month's resources: Jeremy Camp's latest CD, Sid Roth's end-times guide, Keith Butler rules on Grace vs. Judgment, plus more
  • Reviews: Old Fashioned faith-based romance takes on Fifty Shades at the theater, Brandon Heath's No Turning Back
  • Donald Trump certainly needs your prayers.

    Why You Must Pray for Donald Trump

    Here are eight ways I plan to intercede for President Trump regularly.

  • Here's a prophetic word for Washington, D.C.

    Prophecy: The Lord Is Raising Up Daniels in DC

    I believe we're on the precipice of a Third Great Awakening the Lord spoke to my heart about in ...

  • Inner Healing Is the Fruit of the Spirit

    Inner Healing Is the Fruit of the Spirit

    I have been puzzled about the subject of inner healing for some time.

  • 2017 is the year that swords will clash.

    Prophetic Word: 2017 Will Bring a Clashing of Heaven and Hell

    "This is a time to cross over and not pull back."

  • Roadblock

    6 Roadblocks That Will Stop Your Spiritual Growth

    God wants you to grow in your faith, but many of us get stuck along the way.

  • Cindy Jacobs

    2017: Year of the Breakthrough

    "There will be a significant increase in miracles and signs and wonders."

  • The devil will try to silence you in any way he can. Don't give him the satisfaction.

    Satan's 2 Most Potent Lies to Render You Ineffective

    There's something in you so powerful that Satan doesn't want it out. Kyle Winkler reveals ...

  • Foot washing

    Shaking the Gates of Hell With a Basin of Water and a Towel

    "When I saw His foot, I knew He had come to take back territory the enemy had stolen from His ...

  • Are you willing to volunteer for God's offensive army?

    Prophetic Word: Preparing for God's World War 3

    God is searching for soldiers of the cross who are willing to volunteer for His offensive army.

  • Continue Your Journey with the Holy Spirit

    Continue Your Journey with the Holy Spirit

    Follow God on the most fulfilling journey of your life with Encounter the Holy Spirit! Break away from past hurts and press into the One who wants a personal encounter with you.

  • Dream the Unimaginable In His Presence

    Dream the Unimaginable In His Presence

    Reach your full potential and be led by His Spirit. In His Presence takes you to a deeper understanding of who God is and how he communicates with us.

  • Set Your Spirit on Fire

    Set Your Spirit on Fire

    Receive the power and gifts that come through the Holy Spirit Baptism. Don’t go empty-handed; accept all that He has for you! His power is available to those who ask.

  • Put on the Full Armor of God

    Put on the Full Armor of God

    Break every stronghold with the power of the Holy Spirit. Use the power of your tongue to declare and decree the Word of God. Witness heaven move on your behalf.

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