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Prayers That Shook the World Five examples of people God used to move mountains.

If My People Will Pray It’s no secret America is not what she once was. Beyond our nation’s economic decline, political division and corrupt morals, our spiritual heritage has not only been forgotten but also intentionally trampled upon. With many claiming that the American church has lost its voice, how can believers respond to the nation’s spiritual crisis?

America in the Balance: Revival or Judgment? Is America in danger of God’s judgment? The answer continues to take new twists as yet more prophetic signs of our times prove our nation stands at a crossroads on every level. Despite the current crisis, however, we can still learn from the past and once again turn back to God.

When America Stands for Jesus Today the U.S. faces an equally dire situation, and once again Anne Gimenez is joining with others to call America back to Jesus. Could yet another solemn assembly—this time in Philadelphia on Sept. 28-29—change the course of our nation?

How to Dismantle America's Greatest Stronghold A veteran prayer warrior explains what it will take to bring down the demonic forces gripping our country.

40 Days of Prayer to Change America We can no longer afford to merely talk about praying for America—for such a time as this, believers must intercede for our nation like never before. Here’s a day-by-day prayer guide to intercede for our nation in this critical time.

Fasting to Move Heaven Jentezen Franklin explains: What kind of prayer does God respond to?

7 Prayer Tactics Biblical guidelines for effectively engaging heaven


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