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Boy and his blueberries

Top 4 Summer Foods for Weight Loss

Here are some delicious foods that can help you shed the pounds. Hint: The list doesn't include potato chips or ice cream.

Bo and Steve Stern

Living on the Right Side of 'However'

Bo Stern's husband, Steve, is fighting a chronic illness. Here's her story of their first trip to the beach since he got a wheelchair.

woman speaking

The Weapon in Your Mouth

Here's how to use the most powerful spiritual weapon on the planet—your mouth.

Uncover the Story Today

Based on the 2009 film, Grammy Award-winning recording artist Rebecca St. James returns with a story of painful decision and hope in Sarah's Choice.

Army Memorial

WATCH: Memorial Day Tribute

As we start the Memorial Day weekend holiday, let's remember those who laid their life down for our country.

stressed out mom

Bounce Back From Your Blunder

A Christian mom turns into a crazy mom when her four small kids ambush her, and she's overwhelmed with guilt. Here's how she didn't let that stop her.

Heaven and Hell

Which Sounds Better—Heaven or Hell?

That may sound like an easy question for Christians, but why do many in our society think the answer is cut and dried the other way?

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