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woman on scale

Are You Obsessed With Your Weight?

Does your self-worth fluctuate with your weight? You love yourself today because you're skinny, and you hate yourself when you're a few pounds overweight? Author and speaker Lisa Bevere faced the same struggle. Here's how she overcame her struggle with weight. read more

mom with two sons

Finding God's Grace in Our Parenting Mistakes

Do you ever wonder if you're doing everything right in raising your children? Susie Larson's college-age children gave her some insight on her parenting style. Be encouraged by what they said to her. read more

woman in pain

Can God Bless You When You're in Pain?

We spend most of our lives avoiding pain, yet God can use it for His glory. Speaker and author Priscilla Shirer shares this poignant story of working through an encounter with a scarred child. read more

mom and son

How to Show Your Kids the Way to God

How do you teach your children to follow God? Bible teacher and minister Greg Hinnant offers some insight on becoming a 'living video' of God's word to your children. read more

Celebrate Diversity in Worship

Too often, we allow our preference for a certain style of music or preaching to divide us. Yet the Holy Spirit wants us to sing a new song ... together! read more

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