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woman worshipping

This Is How We Overcome

Our ability to defeat the enemy in our personal lives is based on our reckoning ourselves dead to sin and alive to God because of Calvary. read more

woman with gun

Gear Up for War

This is not a time for passivity. God has called us to be awake and courageous. read more

woman praying

Seeking God Within

If we want to progress in our spiritual journeys, we must pursue the inward life, communing with God in the depths of our spirits. read more

2 women with a clock

How to Find the Right Mentor

You think you’ve found a friend who will help you release your potential. But instead, you’ve attached yourself to someone who will stop at nothing to derail your hopes. Here’s how to recognize the right and the wrong kind of mentor. read more

bullied student

Why Pray for Our Schools?

With the rise of school shootings and bullying, more than ever we need to pray for our schools. Here's what we need to pray for specifically. read more

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