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Blood is the guarantee. Blood is the proof. Blood is the very Life of God that was offered to you and me so that we could drink freely of this blood, drink freely of this covenant, and never be alone again. Never be defeated again. And never be without God's promises again.

What is your part of this covenant?

Drink the blood! Receive the sacrifice that was made for you. Put your trust in Jesus' shed blood and nothing else. Every time you take communion, you are not supposed to be worried and introspective about all that you have done wrong. Rather, you are to drink the blood as the only remedy, the only sacrifice for your forgiveness, deliverance and access to ALL THAT GOD HAS.

When the young prodigal returned to his father, the older brother was jealous, and he said, "Father, I have never treated you badly like this other son of yours. Yet, you have never killed the fatted calf for me. You have never had a celebration for me."

And the father's response is a picture of the covenant God has made with each of us who receive Jesus Christ as Lord: "My son," he said, "all that is mine is yours!" (Luke 15:31)

No truer words could ever express why Jesus had to die. No truer words could ever express what God intended when He allowed His Son to be nailed to that tree. No truer words could ever express the blessing, the wealth, and the victory that came when the precious blood of Jesus was shed on the cross that day.

Your heavenly Father says, "ALL THAT IS MINE, IS NOW YOURS!"

When this sinks in, you will never be lonely again. You will never be afraid again, and you will never lack any good thing another day in your life!

God has made a covenant with you!

All that's left for us to do is thank Him and drink it all in!

Gregory Dickow is the founder and pastor of Life Changers International Church, one of the largest churches in the Chicagoland area. He also is the host of The Power to Change Today—an international television ministry that reaches a potential audience of more than 900 million households weekly.

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