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Why is ministry to men the most important calling in America? It’s because America is in crisis.

Because the laws, rules, conventional wisdom, moral relativism, fatherlessness and godlessness that got us into this crisis are growing, not shrinking. Because civil, government and secular organizations will never be able to permanently change the hearts of men.

Because Jesus Christ—through His church—is the only solution that will continue to be able to change the hearts of men.

Because the church is in crisis.

Because the men in the church are in crisis and are the source of the crisis in the church, in their families, in their workplaces and in society.

Because most of our churches spend most of their time and budget on ministering to the people in the church who are the victims of the men—namely their wives and children—rather than on the men themselves.

Because ministry to men in the name of Jesus Christ is the only proven, effective way to change the hearts of the men …

  • to show them the way to the Cross
  • to lead them to become disciples of Christ
  • to train them to become spiritual leaders in their homes
  • to grow them to become servant leaders in the church
  • to send them to become Christian leaders in the world

So that the church can have adequate, energetic, trained, aligned leaders to lead the church to repentance, obedience and revival.

So that the church can grow and move outside the doors of the church building to bring spiritual awakening to our neighborhoods.

So that the lost can be found in Christ, the brokenhearted can be healed, the captives can be set free, and our cities can be transformed.

So that our nation can be reclaimed in the name of Jesus; so that God's lampstand can be restored to America.

So that a bright beacon can be seen in America to light the way to bring all of God's children home ... that none would perish but all would have eternal life

So that God’s kingdom can come and His will can be done on Earth as it is in heaven, and the gospel “will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come” (Matt. 24:14).

Paul Bacon is the area director for the Montana Coalition for Men’s Discipleship.

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