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I took my first vacation in a really long time. Having started my own business 26 months ago, buying groceries and paying bills has taken precedence over vacations.

If not for the fact that my vacation host was also a client, I would not have gotten this vacation. So, after cashing in some frequent traveler miles, I made my way down to the Cayman Islands for some long-needed and well-deserved rest and relaxation. And for six days I'm sure I saw an oh-so tiny glimpse of heaven:

  • For six days I didn't watch TV.
  • For six days I didn't use a telephone, pager, cell-phone or fax machine.
  • For six days I didn't check my email.
  • For six days I didn't drive or ride in anything with wheels.
  • For six days I didn't worry about traffic or pollution.
  • For six days I didn't have to pay any bills or worry about money.
  • For six days I didn't have to wear shoes.
  • For six days I didn't worry about pleasing anyone - except God.
  • For six days I DID marvel at the beauty and imagination of God's creation.
  • For six days I DID read, and pray, and meditate like I wish I could every day.
  • For six days I DID experience a greater intimacy with God.
  • For six days I DID remember just how much God loves me.

In six days, God created the world; then He rested. For six days, I escaped the world; and I rested.

If only every day could be like those six were! But, the reality is, we live in a fallen world with all of its trappings and distractions. Although my feeble human mind can't possibly comprehend the awesomeness of heaven, I think I’ve gotten at least an inkling of what it might be like on that day when I come face to face with my glorious Saviour.

“Welcome, Jim! We’ve been waiting for you.” he might say. (Would I notice the nail scars on his hands?) “Your house is prepared for you, just as I promised.”

(Would he hug me?) And, hopefully; “Well done, good and faithful servant!” (In spite of all my sins!)

How would I respond? I have no idea! Zip. Not a clue. What words could I possibly utter that are worthy of falling on such beautiful, divine ears?

I imagine I would drop to my knees in humility, with the realization that the Creator and Saviour of the Universe is standing before me, talking to ME! Perhaps, as Thomas did, I would meekly say; “My Lord and my God!” (John 20:28) It brings tears to my eyes just to think about it. What a wonderful, joyous day that will be!

  • In heaven there will be no prejudice or hatred.
  • In heaven there will be no pain or suffering.
  • In heaven there will be no violence or death.
  • In heaven there will be no sorrow or crying (except for tears of joy!)
  • In heaven there will be no deadlines or rush jobs.
  • In heaven there WILL be constant praise and worship.
  • In heaven there WILL be infinite joy and happiness.
  • In heaven there WILL be unconditional love and unity.
  • In heaven there WILL be the risen Christ in person!
  • In heaven there WILL be the AWESOME presence and glory of God!

Dear friends, don’t let the junk of this world make you forget what is really important. Jesus said; “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”(John 16:33)

We’re here but for a short while. Keep your eye on the prize! Run the race! Store up your treasures in heaven! Make the most of your time here, and “seek first His kingdom and His righteousness!” (Matthew 6:33)

As a believer in Jesus Christ you are headed for “streets of pure gold and gates of pearl.” (Revelation 21:21) Our rewards in heaven will be far greater than anything we can imagine!

“Dear God, thank you for letting me see just a glimpse of heaven in your creation. How wonderful and magnificent you are! Please help me to remember that the things of this world will pass away, but your Kingdom will live forever! Help me to make the most of my time on this Earth and to store up my treasures in heaven. In Jesus’ precious name I pray. Amen.”

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